its not that easy..

hi! Im valerie cowell, yes i know what your thinking "Ohh My God! Its Simon Cowells daughter!!!" but i dont want to be known as the mean judges daughter. Anyways what will happen when i excidentally run into a sertain someone from one direction. Will it be Love at first sight or will my dad forbid it? read to find out!! <3



                                                 *Valerie's POV*

"the WHOLE summer?! Im fine with this but dad i know how protective you can be are you sure you want me and the BOYS alone at a beach for the summer?!"  i asked " I'm pretty sure that this will make all of you guys so close as best FRIENDS so there wont be any lovey dovey buisness will there boys?!" my dad practicly screamed " got it" they all said at the same time, im really getting creeped out by that.

                                                   *Nialls POV*

i cant believe that we are going to be spending the summer with her, maybe i'll get the nerve to ask her out, afterall i really dont want to be in the "friend zone" "so, i'll let you guys pick your rooms and Val will show you around." simon said "Oh, i almost forgot boys after the little tour i want to have a talk with everyone exept Louis and Zayn ok?!" he added we all nodded in understanding. He probably want to talk to us about Valerie and how if one of us want to date her we have to go through him first. "ok guys, this is my room," she said pointing at a door in the middle of the hallway "And theres a bedroom right next to mine so whoever wants it ca-" "I'LL TAKE IT!" i yelled "um, ok, theres one right across from it too so, " "I'll take it!" harry said , i swear i will KILL him I want valerie and i'm pretty sure she wants me too." theres 1 room downstairs, and 2 on the middle floor each have a bathroom so um, i guess i'll show you guys the kitchen!" she said excitedly " ok this is the kitchen and almost everything you need is in there

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