its not that easy..

hi! Im valerie cowell, yes i know what your thinking "Ohh My God! Its Simon Cowells daughter!!!" but i dont want to be known as the mean judges daughter. Anyways what will happen when i excidentally run into a sertain someone from one direction. Will it be Love at first sight or will my dad forbid it? read to find out!! <3



                                                       *Valeries POV*

"hello?!" emma tiredly asked over the phone "Em!,its Val and WAKE UP!! its 12:00 in the afternoon!" i practicly screamed as i put it on speaker "Why did you have to wake me up though?!" she sang "well because i have some people that want to say hi!" "HELLO EMMA!" they all yelled together "i'm on speaker phone arent i!?" emma asked "yep!!" Louis answered "Em, these are my friends Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. there in my dads band that hes manegering." i said " and we want to know if you want to come over and hang out with all of us tonight and have a movie night like we used to!" i asked "SURE I'LL BE RIGHT OVER!!"  she screamed and hung up. "Well, thats Emma for ya!" i said "I'm gonna go get in comfy clothes you guys should too." as i was about to walk out of the room i noticed something I DONT THINK THEY HAVE ANYOTHER CLOTHES! HAHAHA " you guys do have clothes right?!" i asked "yea! there in the car" liam quickly said "ok well pick out a movie and go get changed i'll meet you in the media room!" i said as i skipped away.

                                                   *Nialls POV*

I picked out a scary movie..on pourpose i figured that if she got scared it would be time for me to comfort her in my arms and NIALLER TO THE RESCUE!!!! "alright guys did you pick out a movie?!"  Valerie asked as she was walking down the stairs. She was wearing a pink tak top and some sweatpants that said "DANCE" on the but in rainbow colors. damn she looked hot even with her hair in a bun at the top of her head. "uhh. yea we picked a movie i was just about to put it in!" zayn said. "alright i'll go get popcorn and some sodas and i'll see if emma is here yet i'll be right back!" she said i could tell she was excited

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