its not that easy..

hi! Im valerie cowell, yes i know what your thinking "Ohh My God! Its Simon Cowells daughter!!!" but i dont want to be known as the mean judges daughter. Anyways what will happen when i excidentally run into a sertain someone from one direction. Will it be Love at first sight or will my dad forbid it? read to find out!! <3


22. short authors note <3

hey guys! again i have a little something to say...instead of titling the chapters i am just going to number them because i think it gives alot away about the chapter and i want you to be surprised...Soooo, how do you like the book so far?! I'm not sure how you like it because noone is commenting!! Please comment and tell me what you think about the imagine ideas. If you like the idea then leave your name age and favorite member of 1D and then wait for me to make a new movella called "I could only Imagine (1D)" soo yea but i can't start it until i get love ya!!!

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