its not that easy..

hi! Im valerie cowell, yes i know what your thinking "Ohh My God! Its Simon Cowells daughter!!!" but i dont want to be known as the mean judges daughter. Anyways what will happen when i excidentally run into a sertain someone from one direction. Will it be Love at first sight or will my dad forbid it? read to find out!! <3


36. Chapter 36

                                                                    *Nialls POV*

i looked around Val's room, her black and white themed bedroom, with pictures of her and all of her friends in london and a bunch of other places, only with the accasional red accents in her room, it was just so her, my thoughts were interupted by Val walking in the room

"Hey Ni." she said and sat down in my lap and kissed me on the cheek.

"What? Thats all i get? You missed my lips!" i whined. I really loved her lips on mine, it just felt so right. She smiled and kissed me lightly and pulled away.

"I WILL WIN LATER!" i screamed as she giggled. Gosh, i love her laugh, we've only been dating for 2 weeks and i feel so close to her.

"I'm worried about Harry and Emma." she said as she looked me in the eye. Harry recently started dating Taylor Swift, also, when it was everyone in the room exept for Harry, Val, and Emma, obviously, she called me some pretty mean names, thank god Val didn't find out. All of the guys' girlfriends meet her, and all of the guys and their girlfriends hate her. The fans, they just went over board. I think they hate her more than anyone does. No one thinks they are right together. We all think she is going to write a song about harry once they break up (i thought that was pretty funny, considering how many songs she has.) Right now all of us just want him and Emma back together. So later, i am going to talk to everyone about the plan to get Harry to like Emma, NOT Taylor.

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