its not that easy..

hi! Im valerie cowell, yes i know what your thinking "Ohh My God! Its Simon Cowells daughter!!!" but i dont want to be known as the mean judges daughter. Anyways what will happen when i excidentally run into a sertain someone from one direction. Will it be Love at first sight or will my dad forbid it? read to find out!! <3


24. chapter 24

                                       *Harrys POV*

as i was waiting for Niall and Val to get done talking to each other i was pleasently surprised when i saw Val walked into my room with a cheeky grin on her face

 "Not to be mean but, why are you here?" i asked confused

 "Niall and i switched places so we could help you guys get dressed the way you two like" she said still smiling like an idiot

 "well, ok then!" i said in a sexy voice and she laughed.

 "ok, well, emma doesnt like it too fancy on the first date soooo" she said as she walked to the closet and started pulling out all my clothes that i just unpacked and started throwing them on the bed

 "ok, get this on and i will decide if it is Emma worthy" she said laughing so i did what she said and started taking off my pants when she screamed

 "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!" she screamed and covered her eyes

 "you dont have to cover your eyes love, i dont mind" i said trying not to laugh

 "yes, but i do!" she laughed as i put my pants back on and she took her hands off her head and looked at me

 "your fully dressed now thank god!" she said as i laughed and i ran to the bathroom and got dressed and walked in my room and Val did my hair and left it normal but put the comb through my hair and i was ready. Val and i went downstairs and she talked to me a little about Emma,

 "so i'm going to tell you the do's and the dont's of dating Emma." she said

 "the don'ts, DONT act worried only when she asks why your not you say, i am i just dont want to show you. DONT look at other girls butts, DONT look at other girls boobs, DONT get too drunk, DONT do it too fast or too slow-" she continuied but i interupted

 "how do you know all this?!" i asked in between laughs

 "well, i am her best friend..Anyways, where was i oh i remember, DONT say anything too, well pervy unless you think it itsnt too pervy. The DO'S , DO play the i love you more and no i love you more game a-" she got cut off by Niall walking down the stairs saying

 "sorry to interupt, but, introducing the beautiful...EMMA!!" he said as emma walked down the stairs and smiled her smile and i could've swarn the whole world stopped and stared she just looked georgous i was speachless

 "EMMA! YOU LOOK GEORGOUS!!" Val screamed and snapped me out of my trance







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