He is a person too NIALL HORAN

If you must know, violet is marylin Monroe's granddaughter that falls in love with Niall Horan but will sudden fortune turn violet away from Niall and the boys?


1. Meeting one direction

Violet's pov
Christina was dragging me to a one direction signing today. I like their music but I won't fan girl. They're people too. Okay, so, we're in line and we hear shouts from all over. Christina is next in line so she drags me over to them. They all say hi and I notice the blonde one, Niall I think, is crying and the one with a ski jump quiff is hugging him. My motherly instincts kick in and I say," Niall, are you alright? What happene?" As I skip over the others to hug him, I heard a mumbled Irish accent say," I'm not good enough. They are right I'm wasting everyone's time." When I heard that, my heart dropped. Although I'm not a directioner, I heard Niall singing his solos all the time. I had an idea driven by insanity and heartbreak. "Can I borrow your table?" I ask Liam because I know he's the responsible one. " be my guest," he replies while nodding. I jump up on the table and start yelling," hey! Girls! You call yourselves directioners but yet you don't care that one of your 'future husbands' are upset because you say he doesn't deserve to be in one direction. You say he isn't good enough..."
Nialls pov
When I heard this girl say that, I knew I liked. The only problem, Harry and Zayn do too. I see the way they look at her. Her voice is like an angel and her lips make me crave them as much as I crave Nandos
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