Help Me..

A girl with small hope of moving on from her past meets Niall and Harry from One Direction on the streets of England. Will her Ex come after her? Will she go for Niall or Harry? She herself will find out soon.


2. Meeting Them, Meeting Him.


"We're almost there" he whispered in my ear. I shifted a little bit forgetting i was on his back

"I think i can walk now," i told him

"That's ok i can carry you the rest of the way" he smiled, i smiled and we walked into a very big apartment with Justin Bieber playing softly in the background. What's gunna make you fall, in love. i know that you've got a wall, wrapped all the way aroud your heart. I knew this song by heart. I was definently a huge Belieber. I heard Niall sing softly to the music as he walked over to his couch.

"You have an amazing voice, Niall." i said sort of shyly. He chuckled a little bit and set me down.

"I've been told" he smiled "Im in a band actually, One Direction" Oh my gosh, i thought he looked familiar! His picture of him and his band is on that stupid bus i take home everyday!

"Oh yeah! Ive seen your picture around town!" i said excitedly. He chuckled a bit and got up and walked into his kitchen. He had opened his mouth to say something, but just then a group of four guys walked in shouting their fat heads off.

"No! Harry's MINE!"one shouted at the black haired one. Who looked taken aback a little bit.

"Alright, alright" he smiled and said in the cutest Bradford accent. They all stopped dead when they saw me, which made me worry, like alot.


There was a beautiful dark haired girl sitting on the couch in Niall's big heavy sweatshirt. She had the most beautiful curls ever and, her eyes were beautiful aqua blue and her face was perfect. Just everything about her was perfect.

"Who is this?" Louis asked Niall

"That's Jess, she'll be staying here for the night" he smiled at the food he was eating. Jess, what a perfect name for a perfect girl. I thought. No i cant think about her like that, Niall wouldnt have invited her here if he didnt have some sort of crush on her. Ill just have to keep to myself.

"Harry, whats wrong?" Lou asked me. I looked up at him his eyes were full of worry. I looked at what i was doing, my fists were clenched so tight my knuckles were white, i was rocking back and forth on my heels, and i was biting down on my tongue so hard it started bleeding. Ilooked at Louis, then Jess then Louis again and then he understood.

"Well, me and Harry are going to a movie!" Lou announced and we rushed out the door before anyone could ask to join.


I watched suspiciously as they left and then Jess said,

"Um, Niall I'm tired do you have anywhere  i could sleep?" she asked. It took me a minute to figure out exactly what she said so i stood there like a dumb-ass looking at her.

"Oh, Oh yeah you can sleep in my bed" i mumbled. i motioned for her to follow me down the hall. On the way we passed Liam and Zayn's bedroom, thank goodness they werent in there. I was looking forward to some sleep as well, and i  didnt feel like getting stopped half way to my room. I poked my head in my room to see if some miracle had told me to clean my room before i left. No luck. I quickly went into my room and picked everything off the floor and tossed it down the laundry shoot.

"You can come in" i smiled as she walked into my room in my giant hoodie that was too big for me i have no idea why i bought it in the first place. She was looking all around my room until her gaze fell on me.

"Um you probly want this back dont you?" she asked

"Nah, you can have it. It looks way better on you than it ever did on me"  she blushed and sat down on my futon.

"So wear am i going to sleep?" she asked me

"You, are sleeping on the bed and i am sleeping on the futon" i said

"No, it's your bed you should sleep there" she said looking me straight in the eye when she said that.

"Its my beed i make the rules of my bed and you are sleeping there" i said with a hint of seriousness in my voice.

"Fine." she stuck her tongue out playfully at me then said,

"Do you have a shirt or something i could wear to bed?" she looked a bit embarrassed at the question

"Sure," i reached into one of my drawers and tossed her a red t-shirt.

"Thank you" she smiled and pulled the shirt over her head and took the one she was wearing off under the one i gave her. She then got up and walked over to my bed and got under  the covers.

"Thank you Niall"

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