Help Me..

A girl with small hope of moving on from her past meets Niall and Harry from One Direction on the streets of England. Will her Ex come after her? Will she go for Niall or Harry? She herself will find out soon.


4. Helping Me..

Jessica POV

I saw him stumble back and fall on his bum.

"Niall!!" i shout before Aiden drags me out the door.

"W-where are you taking me?" i asked

"A place where no one will find you. ever" he snickered i looked into his eyes and saw the pure burning hatred. yet there was a flicker of something. Love? Compassion? No. Those things dont excist in his world. He threw me in the back of his car and drove not too far off but some where i had no i dea where it was. Niall, please please help me i thought i closed my eyes and felt tears running down them.

"Wipe up those tears!" he shouted at me. i quickly rubbed them away with Niall's giant hoodie sleeve.

"I missed you my little cupcake" he said softly inching his way closer to me. He reached his hand to the bottom of Niall's sweatshirt and tryed pulling it up.

"No! get away from me!!" i screamed at him

"I know you missed me" he said

"NO!" i shoved him away, but he pushed me against the wall and shoved his lips against mine.

Niall POV

"Niall!!" someone was shaking me

"Niall! Wake up!!" they were screaming at me and then i felt the sudden pain of my jaw.

"Ow" i groaned rolling away from whoever it was.

"He took Jessica!!" they shouted and at that i was on my feet ignoring the pain in my jaw and going out the front door.


Random: You can come get her you know

Me:where is she

Random: im done with her. for now

Me: Where is She?!

he gave me the address and i sped off to the destination. When i got there I jumped out of the car and ran through a tunnel leading undergroound. Thats where i found her. in a corner in only my hoodie.

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