Help Me..

A girl with small hope of moving on from her past meets Niall and Harry from One Direction on the streets of England. Will her Ex come after her? Will she go for Niall or Harry? She herself will find out soon.


3. Aiden


I woke up on my futon and suddenly remembered all that happened yesterday. I rolled over and saw Jess was still asleep in my bed. I silently got up, got dressed, and walked outof my room and into the kitchen to find all of the other boys shirtless and Louis was only in his underwear.

"Lou, get some pants on at least!" i told him. "We have a guest!" Louis looked at me and walked straight for me.

"Hey! last time i checked you werent my mum!" he shouted sassily, yet playfully and walked out of the kitchen and got some of Harry's plaid PJ pants on. He walked out and rolled up the pant legs to about mid-calf.

"Uhm, Niall" a small voice said behind me. i turned around and Jess was there.

"Hey, sleep well?" i asked she only nodded in return and i remembered that behind me there was four shirtless boys.

"Hey lads! go get some shirts on!" i told them and they all left except Louis he walked up to her and said,

"Do you find this," he swivled his hips, "Destracting?" i couldnt help but laugh  and noticed she was too.

"Go get a shirt Lou" i laughed at him. Just then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" i shouted. i dont know why Jess obviously wasnt since she was the guest and the other boys were getting dressed. i walked towards the front door and opened it.

"Hello" i said to the boy who looked actually very similar to Justin Bieber.

"Where is she?"


"JESSICA WHERE IS JESSICA" he started to shout. i turned to look at her but her face was pale and she had goose bumps all up her legs

"Um, im sorry she isnt here"

"Dont give me that bullshit" he snarled "I can see her!" my stomach dropped as he barged pass me and ran to Jess.

"Aiden!! dont! please!!!" she cried


he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and ran towards the door.

"NIALL!! DONT LET HIM TAKE ME!!!!" i shouted at him he started to run towards me but Aiden quickly turned around and started swinging his fist around and connected with Niall's face.

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