Letters to you

Just wanted to try something new. There's not going to be anymore than these two chapters, but you're welcome to comment on it!


2. chapter 2

Dear A.

I'm sorry I left, but can't you see, that I wanna be There for you? I want to be ther, with open arms and a gently smile, every day you come home. It's all empty, here where I am. I'm alone tonight. I'm alone every night, always. I need you to get me through this one. I need to know, if you even notice I'm gone. I want you to know, that I miss you. I'll always miss you. So I'm writing again, though I know you wont read it. These letters aren't much, but I'm not sleeping, so I need something to do, to keep my mind of the fact, that you're not here with me. The thought stops my heart.

Your very own, D.


He sad in the darkness for more than five minutes, with the white paper on the desk in front of him. H missed her, with all his heart. But he couldn't go back, and he couldn't call her. It would hurt too much, for both of them. And even though he wanted to tell her why he left, he would not risk the rage, she would put upon him, for not telling her. So the little fine letter was put in an envelope like the other, and thrown in the old empty trunk.

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