Letters to you

Just wanted to try something new. There's not going to be anymore than these two chapters, but you're welcome to comment on it!


1. Chapter 1


Dear A.

Do you remember? All the things we did. The crazy words you always left running through my head. You were always there. Always there when the fun began. But you’re not now. I really wish you were. The streets are all empty. It’s four o’clock now. Almost dawn; And I’m still here. Just for one day. I’ll miss you. When I go; and I’ll be thinking of you, every step of the way. Every night, and every day. I will be back soon, I promise. Just wait for me. Look for me on the horizon. I’ll be there. Someday… I'll be home again; I'll be home soon… But goodbye; for now. Take care of yourself. And dad; and mom of course. I’ll see them all again soon.



He stood for a long time in front of the mailbox, looking up at the dark windows on the second floor. There were no curtains, so you could look straight through; into the big bed in the middle of the really pink room, and the messy desk, at the wall opposite of the windows. It was his room; had always been. But not anymore. The journey to Florida was a long trip, but he needed to find out what he wanted with his life. What his life needed to be like. And for some reason he couldn’t do that in New York.

Finally he grabbed the letter and stuck it inside his jacket. Then he grabbed the two trunks beside him, and when the lady, a few minutes after, stuck her head outside the front door, there was no more than a silent spout from a lonely owl.

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