Smile is about Shay Carter an american girl, that is crazy about One Direction. when she hears they are moving to the states to flys out to hollywood to live with her famous actress best friend Ashland Popes. and in hopes of meeting the boy from one direction.


1. chapter 1 -

It was a normal day at work for me but i knew tonight i would be going to the One Direction concert, that made the day go by much faster. i know some might say i was too old to be going to a one direction concert and to be this excited about it. but i had missed my boyfriend more than ever the past few months. i need to back up a bit and explain to you how this crazy wonderful life i have almost never happened.        About a year ago, i was just a 19 year old girl named Shay Carter from Virginia. i was in Beauty School but music had always been my passion but i had to give up on that dream to help my family. i cant say my life was so normal or boring. my best friend was a famous actress and everyone in town knew me for it. Ashland and i had been friends since grade school. she finally got her big break on a hit teen drama about a friendship filled with secrets. She could be seen on  gossip sites, not always for the best reasons. i'd had missed her so much. she moved to L. A. right after high school and left me here with all these stuck up-rich-kid-wannabe-hipsters.  Ashland calls me " Hey BITCHHHH!!!"    "is this the ghost of my best friend ash, cause i  was pretty sure she had died a dramtic and painful death" i said trying to make the last part sound sad.    "BOO! YOU WHORE, im alive and missing you. how do you feel about flying out here for the weekend, i have a missed you sooo much" she said.   "uhhh your lucky im a bitch and cant seem to make other friends, i cant wait" we laughed.    " i'll see you at 10 am love ya" ash says.   "love you too" i sung before ending the call and toss my phone so i could pack.       * a few months later*      i had finished school last month and i was now a licensed hair stylist. Oh yeah this is around the time i found the love of my life, to bad he lived in the UK and was apart of the biggest boyband ever. but i thought just like every other tumblr girl that i would one day meet them. i knew deep down i wouldnt. i had the same feeling about so many artist before. still I was a Directioner! i knew everything about them and was ready to challenge anyone for my title. i spend days on days watching videos and listening to their songs. i knew i should be doing other things with my life beside stalking a boyband. then i heard it, "UK boy band, One Direction is heading to the states" E! News reporter said. i had the TV on for background noise but it had my full attention. i had a chance to finally meet the 5 guys i had been fan girling over for months now. just the thought of them being on the same soil as me gave me hope. i knew i had to get to L.A. for sure now. first, i wanted a job in a high end salon or makeup for a TV or Movies. Second , the chances of me meeting One Direction in Hollywood was much greater then sitting at home in Virginia.  i logged off tumblr and booked a flight out to L.A. this would be the craziest ride of my life. 
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