Call me maybe?

Laura Blue is a quiet , shy , insecure girl. Everyone in her school always makes fun of her. She is just too afraid to speak up , and she is too insecure about her personality and her body. Until a cute curly haired guy changes her life! But will she fall in love with a Bradford bad boy? - This is my first fan-fiction so if there is something that you think i could do to make it better go ahead and email me at - (


2. The walk...

I left the house and I started walking. My neighborhood is full of old people no offense , so it's usually quiet. I was walking and my sister texted me. So I took my phone from my back pocket and looked at it and she said her friends Jada & Nina are coming over and i just replied with okay and without me noticing I bumped into someone.....

                 ****************AUTHORS NOTE**********************

Helloooooooo my pumpkins!! Hahaha well anyways I thought i would tell you a little about my self.

My name is Maddie.

I love chocolate.

I like all members of 1D but if i had to chose my favorites are Niall and Harryy :D

My best friend's name is Dominique <3

If you have any questions for me comment them and who do you think she should bump into?

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