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Laura Blue is a quiet , shy , insecure girl. Everyone in her school always makes fun of her. She is just too afraid to speak up , and she is too insecure about her personality and her body. Until a cute curly haired guy changes her life! But will she fall in love with a Bradford bad boy? - This is my first fan-fiction so if there is something that you think i could do to make it better go ahead and email me at - (


3. OMG! Is it really you?

  by the way im starting withhh

 Harry's P.O.V

     I was at the hotel with Louis and Niall. Liam and Zayn went to go pick up some pizza , they said they wanted to meet fans there to so Louis Niall and I really were just so tired since we just finished our tour." Guys, I am going to go take a walk around the neighborhood, call me when the pizza arrives!" I said. "Okayy" They both replied in unison. I walked out and put my phone into my pocket. "Ring! Ring!" I thought it was one of the guys but actually it was my mum." Hey mum! How are ya doing?"

"Fine, Fine , how was the tour?" she replied. " It was fun, but mum I am going on a walk right now, can I call you later?" " Ya sure honey, is everything okay?" "Ya I just getting some fresh air." "Okay be careful love you!" "Love you too mum" " Bye" "Bye." I presses end and then I bumped into....

Laura's P.O.V

      What is Harry Styles doing? Why is he here? Isn't he supposed to be in London? "Hello love , how are you doing?" he asked. " I am okay, how about you?" " I am okay, by the way my friends just brought pizza, you wanna come eat a slice or two?" "Well, I usually don't go to someone i just met house, but I mean i'm hungry , so sure!" "Great , let's go." I started to text Aiyanna to make sure with her first.

Me: Heyy , I am going to a friend's house to eat some pizza then they will drop me home k?                  

Aiyanna: Which friend?

Me: will get to meet them when I get home kay?

Aiyanna: Be careful and stay BEAUTIFUL :)

Me: I love ya :* see ya later

   ****** Skipped to the hotel******

   "Come on this way!" I kept following him then he led me to the elevator. He pressed 14, this is a really big hotel! He took out his keys and opened the door. "Hey guys!" Harry screamed on the top of his lungs. "who is this cutie?" Louis asked. I started to blush, no one usually says that to me.( well accept my wayyyy much cuter sister Aiyanna) " Ohhh be quiet Louis! You are making her uncomfortable" Niall said. " Harry is just smiling. " This is...." Harry tried to say my name. " I am Laura"I said for my self. " How do you know Harry?" " Well I was walking earlier today and I bumped into him while I was on my phone and he asked if I wanted to come eat, I was really scared but i pulled through." " Harry you are so creepy! She probably thought you were gonna rape her!" Zayn screamed getting off the couch to the table. I started laughing really hard! " You have such a cute laugh" Louis said. Harry is still blushing. "Stop you guys, it looks like Styles here is blushing!" I yelled. Everyone started chuckling. "Good one Laura!" Niall said. " But can we eat now?" Niall questioned. " Come on hurry Laura before he eats it all." Liam said. Harry grabbed my hand and my heart was beating so fast, i literally have the biggest smile on right now! We all sat down to eat and they all rushed and grabbed like 5 slices! I was left with one! "Hey you guys we only left one for Laura." Liam said. "She is so skinny! I bet she isn't even gonna finish 1 " Louis said. " So I am fat?" Niall said in fake baby sad tone. "No you are not," I said while laughing "I am the fat one here!"

Harry's P.OV

        I was so lost into Laura's beautiful baby blue eyes, that I wasn't paying attention until she called herself fat. " Go look in the mirror. Did it break? No because you are beautiful. Go stand on the scale. Did it say error? No, cause you are skinny. Do not ever say you are "fat" or "ugly" because to me, you are one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." I said. I just couldn't believe that she would think she was ugly or even fat! Every girl is beautiful in there own way, but this girl is the most beautiful girl in the world to me. I can't even believe she is human! She is just this most wonderful and most beautiful angel.



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