Call me maybe?

Laura Blue is a quiet , shy , insecure girl. Everyone in her school always makes fun of her. She is just too afraid to speak up , and she is too insecure about her personality and her body. Until a cute curly haired guy changes her life! But will she fall in love with a Bradford bad boy? - This is my first fan-fiction so if there is something that you think i could do to make it better go ahead and email me at - (


1. Just a Regular day?

     Laura's P.O.V


 BEEEEP!! My alarm was ringing so loud today! I woke up at 6:00. I went to the bathroom took a shower than brushed my teeth and washed my face. I went and got dressed in Black ripped skinny jeans and a fresh top with the words "HAKUNA MATATA" on it with my black sparkly toms. Then I went over to my bed and plugged in my curling iron and started curling my hair. I checked the time and it was already 7:15! So i quickly finished curling my hair and then i grabbed my bag and went downstairs. "Good Morning Boo" my sister Aiyanna said. "Good mornin sis!" I replied back. Me and Aiyanna ate a bowl of breakfast and headed to the bus stop. It was 7:35 when Aiyanna and I left the house. We arrived at the bus stop at 7:42. Aiyanna went by her friends Nina and Jada. While i just stood there for a while I don't have any friends besides my sister Aiyanna, we are very close and she is like my best friend. The bus came and everyone ran and went inside I was the last one there and I sat in the front.We got to school and I went to my locker and opened it fast so Madison can't bother me today. By the way Madison is the most popular girl in school she thinks that I am a weird looking Bitch. I don't know much about her but I do know her "Group" which changes every year, this year they are Selena and Natalie. Natalie is kind of mentally retarded and Selena used to be my friend in middle school. Selena and I were very close but when I broke down crying because Madison spilled apple juice on the floor and all over me and claimed that I was peeing Madison just laughed and acted like I was a piece of shit that came from a dog's ass. After that I guess she was too ashamed to talk to me or even say hello because I was the girl who pissed herself. I just don't get why everyone follows Madison and her boyfriend Mayson. After school me and Ayianna met up and walked home instead of the bus because she wanted to tell me something.I thought it was probably my mom and dad are going on a vacay again, but ..... it wasn't. " Loo Loo (that's my nickname) I have a boyfriend!" She practically shouted in my face and then covered her mouth.Then I thought "WAIT WHAT,?" "Don't be mad please!" she shouted back. "I am not mad at you I was just mad that you didn't tell me. How long you were you dating him?""Only for a week but the only reason i didn't tell you because it wasn't official yet but now it is....." It was quiet for the rest of the walk home until I broke the silence and asked her for the keys. "Here they are." She gave me them and i suggested we watch a movie and of course she picks our movie "The Notebook". I went to make popcorn. The microwave started beeping so I took it out and went and jumped on the couch and covered myself with a blanket and we shared the popcorn. The movie finished and I told her I am just going to go on a walk.

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