Makayla was just a normal 17 year old girl living a normal life in Maryland with her grandparents until she gets curious, and wants to know more about her parents. Its revealed to her that her mother died a few days after Makayla was born (how?), and that her father has a new family in London. He doesn't know about her.

Makayla decides shes tired of living a lie, so she catches a flight to London where she unexpectedly meets a boy who changes her entire outlook on life.


1. Tell me the Truth.


Makayla paced back and forth across her bedroom, clenching and unclenching her fists. She stopped and bit her lip, looking out her window out into the backyard at the rain. She placed a hand on the cold glass and peered out, looking for answers she knew only her Grandparents could give her.

After drawing her blinds and chickening out a few more times, and found herself making her way towards the door, down the hall, and into the kitchen where her Grandparents sat. Her Grandmother was preparing a wild strawberry pie and her grandfather was at the table, playing sudoku. Makayla awkwardly stood in the doorframe, watching her grandmother shape the pie crust. Finally, she looked up at her granddaughter, and said "Makayla, why don't you slice these strawberries for me?"

"Actually, Gran, I need to talk to you." Makayla replied. Then looking at her grandfather, who was watching her over his glasses, she added, "Both of you."

"All right." Her grandmother said, a hint of reluctance in her voice. She wiped her hands on her apron before sitting alongside her husband. When she felt she had their full attention, Makayla exhaled and said, "I want to know more about my parents."

Her grandparents looked a bit surprised if nothing else. When her grandfather spoke, it was very hesitantly. "We've already told you. Your mother died many years ago, and you father... Is away."

Makayla was already growing aggravated. "You're trying to tell me he's been away for 17 years? You must know where your own son-in-law is. I'm not a little kid anymore. You don't have to protect me; I'm strong enough to know the truth." Her grandfather looked taken aback, and a bit hurt. Makayla instantly felt guilty for being so tart with him, but did not apologize. She meant what she said.

This time it was her grandmother who spoke. "You know your father moved here from London with his parents when he was 9. Well, a few days after you were born, your mother died and your father-"

"How?" Makayla asked. Her grandmother sighed and looked out the window. "It was a drug overdose. We never knew if it was accidental or not.

"Your parents never married. Your mother was very afraid to tell Patrick - your dad - about you for this reason. She didn't want to scare him. Your mother was only 19 when you were born. Your dad was 30. He was her high school government teacher. She fell in love with him when she got involved with the debate team; he was the sponser. They never brought their relationship out into the open until after your mom graduated and Patrick resigned.

"After your mom died, your father was distraught. He had no idea what to do with himself. After the funeral, Patrick returned to London and stayed with his parents for a year or two. He wrote us occasionally - we grew to like him very much, although we weren't at all pleased with the scandal that went on during Sarah's schooling - but after a few years, he abruptly stopped. We can only assume he never left London."

Makayla sat across from her grandparents, shell-shocked. Her mom OD-ed? Her dad didn't know she existed? Both of her grandparents had tears in their eyes. Her Grandpa put his hand on Makayla's shoulder. "Your mom would be proud of you, Makayla. You've grown to be a smart and beautiful girl."

Makayla smiled bashfully. "Thanks to you and Gran." She replied. Her grandmother got up and went into her bedroom. Makayla and her grandfather sat in silence. The rain eased up, and the sun was just barely shining through the rafts in the clouds. Makayla's grandmother came back into the kitchen, with 5 photographs in hand. She sat down opposite from Makayla and slid them across the table. Makayla picked them up and went through them.

The first was a picture of a young teenager, probably around 17 or 18. It was clearly a school picture. The girl had long blonde hair and her eyes were bright blue, like Makayla's. She was wearing a blue button up shirt with green polka dots. In the corner of the picture, Sarah was printed in bold lettering. Makayla then realized these were going to be pictures of her mom; in the next, it was her mom on prom night in a long peach colored dress. The next was her high school graduation. The next, a picture of her and a man who she assumed to be her father posing on the beach. The last was a wedding photo.

"Grandma," Makayla said, passing the photos back to her. "I think... I know... I have to go to London to meet my father."

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