Makayla was just a normal 17 year old girl living a normal life in Maryland with her grandparents until she gets curious, and wants to know more about her parents. Its revealed to her that her mother died a few days after Makayla was born (how?), and that her father has a new family in London. He doesn't know about her.

Makayla decides shes tired of living a lie, so she catches a flight to London where she unexpectedly meets a boy who changes her entire outlook on life.


9. More than Friends.

Makayla couldn't fall asleep. She lay there on her back under the covers, staring up at the ceiling, thinking of the earlier dilemma.

Did Harry by some chance like herback? He sure was acting like it. Makayla thought to herself. She didn't know how much longer she could stay in a house with a boy she may or may not be in love with.

No. Not love. Makayla corrected herself harshly. Makayla had a thing with love; it didn't exist for her. Sure, she could look at her Grandparents and see nothing but it, but when it came to her, every guy she ever came close to loving turned his back on her, one way or another.

But she really wanted to believe Harry was different. None of her previous boyfriends were as easygoing with her as Harry is - but she also had to keep in mind that Harry's not her boyfriend. Nor will he [most likely] ever be.

While she was thinking all this, her door opened a creak, allowing the bright hallway light to pour into her room. Makayla sat up and shielded her eyes from the light. She looked over at the door and could barely make out Harry.

"Harry? What are you doing up this late?" Makayla asked him. He closed the door and sat on the edge of her bed in the dark. "I might ask you the same thing." He replied.

Makayla smiled, sitting all the way up and wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. "You can't sleep either?" She asked him. He shook his head.

"Look Makayla, about what happened earlier. I-"

"Harry, please don't. I know it was just a spur of the moment thing. I also know you only like me as a friend, nothing more. But I'm not sure that that's all there is between us - for me. And don't worry, I'm not hurt or anything. But I just want you to know that I'm getting really confused as to how much I like you. I mean, I know its kind of imposs-"

Makayla was abruptly cut off by Harry's lips on her own. Stunned, she sat there still while he continued to kiss her. Then, realizing what was happening, she closed her eyes and immedietly felt a kind of warmth flow through her. She kissed him back and threw her arms around his neck, entwining his curls inbetween her fingers. He placed a hand on Makayla's cheek.

"Harry... Now I'm really confused." She said, breaking the kiss. Harry laughed as he replied;

"I hope you understand how wrong you are now. Because I like you - as more than friends. A lot more."

"But... Well it's just... You're you, you're sweet, funny, handsome, and just all around perfect. I'm just me. I'm not perfect, or even close to it."

Harry stared intently at her. "In my eyes you are."

She blushed yet held his gaze until he leaned in for another kiss.

So this is what Heaven is like.

* * * * * *

Makayla woke up the next morning with Harry's arm around her, although he was a good foot away from her. Giving me space. She thought. What a gentleman he was. She sighed and scooted closer to him until her body was against his. Harry shifted his weight in his sleep and wound his arm tighter around Makayla. Makayla smiled, grateful - although doubtful - for where they now stood relationship wise.

The previous night had involved much, much kissing, not that either of the two minded. But after a while, Harry finally rolled off her got up, pulling down the covers and tucking her in.

He looked as though if he were contemplating whether or not to leave, so Makayla made up his mind for him.

"Don't go." She had said, barely audible. He heard her though, and didn't hesitate to come lay down next to her, albeit on top of the covers. "But what will the neighbors think?" Harry joked, forcing a quiet laugh out of Makayla.

Eventually the topic got to Makayla's parents. After she explained her mother's death and whatnot, the two laid in silence for a while.

"I hope you don't mind me asking," Harry said after a brief moment of silence, "But what do you mean, you don't know if your mom OD-ed on purpose or not?"

Makayla thought about this for a while, and chose her words carefully before replying, "I'm not quite sure myself, actually. I suppose there was never enough evidence to decide whether she accidentally overdosed, or did it to intentionally take her life."

"Or, a witness." Harry added.

"What?" she asked him confused, rolling over to face him.

He looked a little unsure of himself as he spoke again. "Well, maybe no one was there to see it. Or maybe they were, but won't admit it."

Makayla looked taken aback. "What, you mean like my father? Like he knew what she was doing and didn't try to stop her?"

Harry sighed. "I'm just throwing ideas out there."

Makayla felt a little defensive towards her father, despite never meeting him.

"My father would never do that." I hope.

"But how do you know that? You've never met him, you can't know what he's like."Harry replied calmly.

"I just... do. My mom wouldn't have loved him otherwise." Unless she was like that too.

"Alright, alright. How about we change the subject, yeah?" Harry replied, picking up a piece of her hair and abesnt mindly playing with it.

"I'd think I'm just going to go to sleep." Makayla had said, turning so she was no longer facing him. He sighed, giving her space and dozing off before even she.

Now, watching him sleep, he looked so young and innocent. All the traces of guilt or being unsure were wiped away by sleep, and Makayla soaked it in before finally getting up to change. ( After quickly doing her makeup and letting her hair fall how it may, she questioned whether or not she should wake Harry up. He looked so peaceful, but what if someone came in here and saw him sleeping? She decided to just let him be and go downstairs for breakfast. 

Realizing the lack of food, Makayla went back upstairs and took just a glass of milk with her. She went to her room and opened the door  to find Harry gone, replaced with another boy.


Holding a perfect white rose.

"Guess you and I are out of the picture, yeah?"

Makayla's glass hit the floor.

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