Makayla was just a normal 17 year old girl living a normal life in Maryland with her grandparents until she gets curious, and wants to know more about her parents. Its revealed to her that her mother died a few days after Makayla was born (how?), and that her father has a new family in London. He doesn't know about her.

Makayla decides shes tired of living a lie, so she catches a flight to London where she unexpectedly meets a boy who changes her entire outlook on life.


2. London.

17 hours later Makayla found herself on a flight to London. It took a lot of persuasion on her grandparents' part, but in the end they gave in.

Just like they always do. Makayla thought as she looked out the plane window. They'd only been in the air for around half an hour, and she was already sick of being in the air. The minute she sat down, she plugged in a single earbud and turned up the volume. So far no one had claimed the seat next to her, and Makayla was glad. She could keep her bag on the seat next to her instead of on the floor or in a storage unit above. Just as she was thinking all this, a boy around 18 was making his way down the aisle and stopped by the row of seats Makayla was in.

"Excuse me, but thats my seat your bag is in. I was mistakenly in 23C instead of 23E." He said to her. As Makayla reluctantly moved her bag, the first thing she noticed was that the boy had an accent. Makayla is a sucker for accents. "My name is Harry." He said as he sat down. He smiled at her and set his own bag at his feet. "May I ask yours?"

"Makayla." She replied, smiling slightly. He held her gaze for a second before looking away, causing Makayla to blush. "So, what are to listening to?" He asked her innocently, gently tugging on the cord to her earbud.

"Um, Coldplay. Princess of China." She replied, embarrassed. Most people thought her music choice to be... Eccentric. But surprisingly, Harry raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Really? They're one of my favorite bands! I've always kind of looked up to Chris Martin."

Makayla was utterly shocked to find something like this in common with an [adorable] stranger. They laughed together. Then, she surprised herself with a bold move; "Want to listen?" she asked him. He smiled, and Makayla passed him and earbud. She asked him what he'd like to hear, and he said, "Do you happen to have any Elvis, or The Beatles?" Makayla giggled. "I happen to have every single Beatles song EVER on here." Harry laughed with her. "Well, surprise me."


* * * * * * * *

When she arrived in London, the first thing Makayla did was get a hotel room. Well, not before saying goodbye to Harry first.

"I had fun today. On the plane." She had said to him in the airport. He smiled at her. "Yeah, so did I. I'll... See you around?" He had replied. She had smiled back and nodded.

Now, she was wondering why she hadn't offered to exchange numbers. What are the odds of meeting up in London accidentally? Harry had been really very nice. She would certainly miss him, although she had only know him briefly.

Alas, she got her bags and got on a train to be dropped off at the nearest hotel. She ended up with a small, musky room at the Grenville Hotel. It was dark and damp, and the light hardly worked, neither did the heater. All that aside, Makayla unpacked her clothes and hung them in the tiny closet, and plugged in her ipod and phone. Changing into pajamas (, Makayla got into bed, pondering what she would do the next day.



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