Makayla was just a normal 17 year old girl living a normal life in Maryland with her grandparents until she gets curious, and wants to know more about her parents. Its revealed to her that her mother died a few days after Makayla was born (how?), and that her father has a new family in London. He doesn't know about her.

Makayla decides shes tired of living a lie, so she catches a flight to London where she unexpectedly meets a boy who changes her entire outlook on life.


3. Harry, Harry.

Makayla woke up that morning with a stiff back from the lumpy mattress. She rolled over so her back was to the window and grabbed her phone. The screen said it was 2:16 in the afternoon. Makayla shot up in bed and pushed off the bed covers. Thinking her sleeping pattern was messed up due to the time zone change, she got up and got dressed ( Then, grabbing her ipod, she got a cab and asked to be brought to the nearest coffee place.

The driver dropped her off at a place called Workshop Coffee. The insides looked alot like Starbucks, so she felt at home immedietly. Starbucks had been Makayla's favorite place to hang out. She loved the noise, and the smell, and the friendly workers. However, Workshop Coffee was eerily quiet, although it smelled like fresh coffee beans and the guy behind the counter was friendly enough. She ordered a tall caramel latte and a blueberry muffin, her usual back home. After recieving her order, Makayla situated herself in a huge, squishy leather chair in the corner of the shop. She finished her muffin in 4 bites - it was quite small, especially compared to the huge ones she normally got at Starbucks - and while sipping her coffee (which was burnt and had way too much caramel), she put her earbuds in and turned The Beatles on, thinking of Harry...

Just then, 2 guys walked through the door. From where she was sitting Makayla could only see them from the back. One had blonde hair and appeared to be wearing a green hoodie and white jeans, while the other had curly brown hair. He was in a faded red t-shirt and plain jeans. When he went to the counter to take his order, the guy with curly hair glanced at Makayla... And it was Harry. He smiled at her for a long while, and the coffee guy asked him to finish his order twice before he finally did. After he and his friend retrieved their drinks, they walked over to her. Quickly but casually, she untucked her legs from beneath her and pulled out her earbuds.

"So we meet again." He said, smiling. Makayla raised her eyebrows and smiled, glancing at the other boy. Harry took notice and said, "Oh, this is Niall, one of my best friends." She looked at him and smiled. "Hey."

He smiled and sat down, and Harry followed in pursuit. "Hey...?" He said, trailing off. Makayla quickly caught on. "Oh. Makayla." She added. He smiled and repeated her. "Makayla."

For a few minutes they all sipped their coffee in silence. Makayla watched the two boys and picked up on a few small habits; Niall mouthed words to songs no one else could hear, while Harry continuously flipped his long curls. After maybe 5 or so minutes, Harry spoke.

"So where are you staying?" He asked Makayla. She said the Grenville and he wrinkled his eyebrows. "Ew." He said. Makayla laughed out loud and Niall smirked.

"You should stay with us. Me, Niall, and our 3 other friends have this big house we stay in, its called the Madison. We have plenty of spare rooms." Harry said to her now, smiling slightly.

"Oh, I couldn't... I mean, I wouldn't want to intrude-"

"Are you kidding?" Niall said sarcastically. "You'd practically be saving us. Things have been so fricking boring around here. And Harry's been lonely." He grinned, eyeing Harry and then Makayla. Makayla blushed and Harry punched Niall's arm, and from the look on Niall's face, pretty hard.

"Well... I guess, if it's only for a few days..."

"Excellent!" Said Harry excitedly. Niall laughed and Makayla blushed again. Maybe this won't be so bad. She thought. After all, she had just been pining over Harry minutes before he walked in, hadn't she?

"Let's go." Said Niall. At that, the three of them disposed of their empty coffee cups and got in Niall's car.

And off to the Madison they went.


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