Makayla was just a normal 17 year old girl living a normal life in Maryland with her grandparents until she gets curious, and wants to know more about her parents. Its revealed to her that her mother died a few days after Makayla was born (how?), and that her father has a new family in London. He doesn't know about her.

Makayla decides shes tired of living a lie, so she catches a flight to London where she unexpectedly meets a boy who changes her entire outlook on life.


5. Back on Track.

When Makayla woke up the next morning, she found herself too warm and cozy to get up. She rolled over to face the window and, eventually, opened her eyes.

At first she wasn't sure where she was. But after sitting up and looking around, she remembered; Harry was letting her stay at the Madison. Afraid she had overslept again, Makayla quickly reached for her phone - it was 8:35 in the morning. Relieved, she got up, collected her toiletries, and decided to try and a bathroom so she could shower.

She wandered the halls for a little while, afraid to open any doors and find someone sleeping behind them. Eventually she found an open door leading to a bathroom with, thank god, a shower. First checking for towels - the closet was fully stocked - she then turned on the shower, removed her pj's, and got in.

The hot water helped her wake up, thankfully, for she still felt tired. After 15 minutes or so she turned off the shower and got up, wrapping herself in a towel. Gathering her things, Makayla unlocked the bathroom door just as a tired looking Harry walked by.

"Oh. You're up." He said. Then, eyeing her wet hair and towel, he added, "And you found the bathroom."

All Makayla could think of was how cute he sounded - and looked - when he was still sleepy. "Oh, uh, yeah." She finally said. "I hope you don't mind." She said with a little more confidence.

Harry ran a hand through his curls and smiled. "Nah." He replied. "I was just about to jump in myself, actually. Hope you saved me some hot water."

Makayla smiled back at him and walked back to her room. Inside she threw her hair into a towel and applied light makeup. Then, after much debate, she finally settled on an outfit. When her hair was pretty dry, she braided it ( Then, at 8:29, she went downstairs for breakfast.

Only Harry was in the kitchen (when she finally found it). There was a tray of assorted muffins in front of him. When he noticed Makayla he smiled. "Nice shirt." He said, looking at her Beatles baseball tee. "Thanks." She replied, laughing a little.

He picked up a muffin as Makayla sat down across from him. "They're from the coffee shop. None of us really know how to cook." He said. Makayla laughed in return and picked up a muffin.

"Hey, listen... I came to London for a reason. To find my dad." She said to him seriously. He looked at her as he chewed.

"Oh... Well have you had any luck?" He asked her. She laughed again. "Um, no. I haven't even started to look. But I'm going to today, and I was wondering if you knew of any places I should look for him."

Harry thought for a minute, getting a second muffin. After finishing it off too, he said, "Well, there are some residential areas around here you could try. I can help, if you'd like."

Makayla looked up at him, eager to see if he was joking. Judging by the look on his face, he wasn't.

"Really? It wouldn't mess up your day?" She asked him excitedly. She had been waiting for a reason to hang out with him again.

"Yeah, positive. I have no plans all week." He smiled and winked, and Makayla blushed. "Alright then," she replied, "I'd like to leave in the next half hour."

"No problem. I'll be ready in 10."

* * * * * * * * *

"Okay, we've checked just about every single apartment complex in a 10 mile radius. No Patrick Deed." Makayla said, frustrated. She and Harry had been searching nonstop since they arrived in an area with ample apartment complexes. That was nearly 6 hours ago.  

They had left a note for the other boys, along with restocking the muffins.

"Maybe we should take a-"

"NO, Harry, we are not taking a break. You ask me every 10 minutes and its always a no." Makayla replied, sounding annoyed. In all actuality, though, Makayla thought it was cute, how he kept complaining. But also annoying.

"Oh come on, pleaaaaase Makayla? We searched like every building and didn't find him. Plus I'm starving!" Harry whined, and Makayla laughed.

"Fine, just a lunch break. Or would it be dinner, since its like... 4:27?"

Harry laughed with her, smiling. "How about Linner?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

Makayla laughed. "Linner it is."

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