Lucky Me

Jenny was just a normal girl living in New York city going to collage when one day she ran into someone who changed her life forever. Who knew that dropping your books could be the thing that gets you to meet the person of your dreams. Well, in this case everybodys dreams.


2. On the Run

"Its ok." i looked down so Niall couldnt see my face. After an awkward silence i finally decided to ask him "ummm can i take a picture with you? If thats ok. Im a big fan of One Direction so..." Why was i always so awkward around boys. Its like a curse. "Yea sure."  I looked up to see a blushing Niall. Aww he was so adorable when he blushed. I took out my phone and stood next to Niall. He put his hands around my waist giving me the shivers and butterflies. "Say cheese." I said before snapping two photos. He let me go as I checked the pictures. "Thank you." " No problem. Its the least I can do for-" Before he could finish his sentence, I saw four figures running up to us.

"Niall Horan! Where have you been?!" It was Louis!  "And who is your beautiful lady friend." Harry said flirtatiously with a cheeky grin on his face. I started to blush like crazy. Im pretty shure i looked like a tomato. Niall punched him in the arm before turning back to me. "Hi I'm Jenny. Jenny McKenna." "McKenna, sounds like an irish name." Zayn said. His accent made him sound as sexy as he was. "Oh yea it is. Im half irish." Niall raised hid eyebrow and gave me a small smile. That smile instantly brought back all the butterflies. "So Niall how did you meet the beautiful Miss McKenna?" Harry said. "Oh i kinda just bumped into her. By the way it seemed like you were in a rush. Did you need to go somewhere?" I totally forgot about school! Anyone would if they got to meet One Direction. Before i could reply Louis gave a girly scream. "There're back for my carrots and Harry's Gravy!" Louis grabbed my arm and we started running as a huge mob of directioners started heading toward us. I heard all the boys laugh especially Niall. "Looks like your gonna have to spend the day with us. love!" Louis yelled in my ear. (Sorry the stories are so short but im copying them off my instagram account)

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