Lucky Me

Jenny was just a normal girl living in New York city going to collage when one day she ran into someone who changed her life forever. Who knew that dropping your books could be the thing that gets you to meet the person of your dreams. Well, in this case everybodys dreams.


1. My Lucky Day

I think im in love....with my starbucks coffee. I woke up early and decided to grab a cup of coffee before heading back to campus. I was about to take another sip when my phone rang. "Jenny! Oh my gosh! Guess what!" that was mt best friend Amy. "Whats up." " One Direction is whats up! They arrived in New York this morning !" Her screams were like sissors in my ears and im pretty sure everyone in starbucks could hear them to even though she wasint on speaker phone. "We have to meet them." "and how do you suppose we do that." " i dont know i'll spent the day stalking them if a have to!" Amy was seriously the crazyiest Directioner ever. Dont get my wrong i love One Direction but i just wasint to obsessive type or as Amy likes to say dedicated. " Ok we will stalk them when we are both free but right now i need to get back to campus. Dont wanna be late again." I just started college a few weeks ago and those few weeks were not easy. I was late to all my classes and i had a hard time adjusting to the city since i have always lived on long island. "Fine, you go back to reality. I'll just sit here and daydream about the green eyed, pussy loving hunk. I laughed at that and started to gather my books. "k bye" with that i was out the door and on my way down 5th avenue.

I looked down to check the time when someone bumped into me making me drop all my books in the progress. "I'm so sorry." a guys voice say. "Its ok" i bent down to pick up my books without looking to see who knocked into me. "Here let me help." The guy bent down too and started helping me. When his hand slightly touched mine, i looked up at the person in front of me. I was at loss of words when i saw crystal blue eyes and blonde desheveled hair. When he smiled at me i could see his teeth were slightly crooked. I knew who he was i just couldnt bring myself to believe it. We stood up and he gave me my books. "Sorry" he said looking down at his shoes blushing. I cant believe it, i just met Niall Horan! Today must have been my Lucky Day.

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