My last song

Eve knows that she has only one chance to make it through to the X Factor live finals, and that lies in the hands of her surprise mentor. But who will it be?...


2. Singapore

OHMYGOSH!!! Even more thoughts enter my brain: What will the flight be like? Will I be scared? Who is my mentor? This time I know I wont be able to calm myself. All the contestants around me are huddling together, and cheering in excitement, but with a slight edge of nerves. I decide to join in.

"Ohmygod that is so cool!!", I scream at the girl next to me, Lowenna I think is her name. She nods her head, the red rose planted in the top bobbing around, and her eyes glisten with enthusiasm. I anticipate more excited screams from Ruby, who is on my left, but her eyes just look fearful.

"What's up?", I ask her. I anticipate some sob-story about how her dead parents always wanted to visit there, or how she went there as a student and ran out of money. She looks like the type who would get worked up about something as stupid as that.

"I lived there as a baby. My parents got divorced, and then were both killed in a freak tidal wave when they were out surfing on the coast. I have never been back there since."

Woah. I would never have guessed that was coming. All i can think about is how scared she must be. No more excitement. No more joy. I can't even begin to empathize with what she must be going through; it is too hard. This might make the competition more interesting; who will she put first? Her past, or her future?...

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