My last song

Eve knows that she has only one chance to make it through to the X Factor live finals, and that lies in the hands of her surprise mentor. But who will it be?...


1. Airport

For my whole life, I have wanted to be a singer. When I was 2, i was starring in youtube videos; at 5 I was performing on stage at ballet shows; at 13 I was singing live at clubs, and now my ambition at 17 is to be a recording artist. Singing is my life. But for my entire life, I have had a controll over who my audience is, and where I am singing. Today that is different - I have no power over who my judge is, and I have a feeling it will be bad news, when it matters to me most.

I wait, with beads of sweat materialising on my forehead, waiting for my destiny to be revealed. My fellow contestants are sat next to me, probarbly going through all the same emotions. Thousands of thoughts and worries are swimming around in my head - What if they hate me? What if it is a crummy location? What if my vocals slide during the song? Calm Eve, slow down. Everything will be okay...

An X Factor volunteer scurries over to us, nervous and complete with a stammer. "Uhm..her-ee is you-your envelope-e. G-good luck!", she muttered, as she hurtled off in the opposite direction. The golden envelope she had handed me glistened in the airport lights, and I readied my finger to lift the seal. This would tell us where our final location was to be.

There in bold black letters were the words: SINGAPORE

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