The Signing

shaunie a 15 year old school girl goes to a signing in hmv to see her favourite band one direction.And a certain member (harry styles) takes an intrest in shaunie but will she be able to cope with the presure of dating one of her favourite band members and what else comes with dating a superstar.


1. The day it all began

I sat up in a shot and looked at my alarm clock. It read 7:00am. Right time to get ready i thought to myself as i got out of bed.

"Todays the day, oh my god were going to see one direction!" i screamed and my friend katie who was laying beside me on the blow up bed on the floor fast asleep. She did'nt mind one direction but she wasn't super excited that we was going to see them at the signing in hmv.She shot up in shock and screamed because i made her jump.She looked at the clock and said

"it's only 7:00 in the morning are you crazy,we not going untill 3 in the afternoon, go back to sleep."

"are you crazy i cant go to sleep im seeing the five loves of my life today, be happy for me

" i said as i jumped onto her bed on the floor to get her up.

"i am happy for you, sorry ill get up ,you do know i would not do this for anyone one else getting up at this hour to see someone im not even intrested in!"

"i know that's why your my best friend" i said as i hug her.

We get up and go downstairs to get some breakfast. Everyone else in the house was still asleep.When we finished breakfast we went upstairs to my bedroom.

"we cant get ready yet we have to long to wait our hair and make-up will get ruiend".katie said still not convinced that we had to get up at this time in the morning.

"Yeah i know, but we need to make sure we have evrything ready like cameras, video cameras and we need to make sure our outfits our perfect" i said as i looked though the draw to find the camera.

"ugh! alright and you need to text your cousin to make sure he's still coming".

"Yeah i know i can't believe we convinced him to come".

"Why is Kieran coming again".

"Because i need him to record everything for me because i will be shaking and a nervous wreck so i can't do it and you won't do it so i got him to plus he owes me one for getting him back together with his girlfriend".

"o right i wonderd how you convinced him to come, i didn't think one direction was his thing " she said laughing.

I laughed as i began to text Kieran.

It was now 7:30 and me and katie were trying on outfits to make sure we looked the best we can. Katie decided to wear  her green jeanes, her white shirt, with her cream knited  jumper over he top and her white vans.

I decided to wear my black leggings, my print burgandy knitted jumper and my blck vans.So we decided to wear quite simular clothes, but i geuss we have quite a simular fashion sense anyway.

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