Bumps In The Road [On Hiatus]

Seventeen-year-old Sienna Cole is secretly in love with her best friend of 8 years, Harry Styles. Both growing up without fathers, they relied on each other, becoming inseparable. Even though Harry is outgoing, and Sienna is a wallflower, nothing stands between them. But this all changes on Sienna's 18th birthday. Accidents happen, romance blooms, new people arrive, and everything changes. Harry's talent for singing is discovered, and Sienna will eventually reach her breaking point. What will she do when her green-eyed prince charming leaves? Everything that Sienna pulls through, only leaves another bump in the road.
(One Direction Fanfiction) ::HIATUS, I am possibly starting another fanfic and need a new plot for this one since i scrapped the old.::


10. The Boys

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Sienna slapped the snooze button on her alarm clock annoyed. It was Friday, and everyday had been the same since Monday; wake up, go to school, come home and hang out with Annie or Harry, or both.


Nothing exciting happened. But today was the day before Sienna's 18th birthday, something was bound to happen.


She lazily climbed out of bed in her t-shirt and boxers. 7:15am. Sienna hated waking up early. But, she still forced herself over to her closet.


She pulled out a random t-shirt, she didn't care what one it was. She pulled it over her head then slipped a hoodie overtop of it. Sienna fought the intense wanting to wear sweatpants, but she didn't want to look like a complete bum before her birthday so she stepped into a light pair of skinny jeans.


Sienna brushed her hair and put on her makeup and happily hopped downstairs, making herself some waffles. She ate them graciously and headed back upstairs to her room since she had time to spare. Her book –- Divergent -– was sitting on her chair.


Opening to her page, she sat down on her bed and began to read. Reading was one of her getaways, a break from life. Sometimes Sienna would be so overwhelmed with things in her life all she could so was read. It took her to other worlds, and that's what she loved.


It was a little bit later, and Sienna thought she heard her door open and click shut again. She put it to the back of her mind, thinking it was only her imagination. But then she heard the stair groan under weight.


Sienna held her breath. Quickly she glanced at her clock, 8:02am. Harry wouldn't be here for another 15 minutes. The stairs groaned again.


Sienna held her breath. Inside she began to panic. Who was in her house? Her eyes went wide as her doorknob turned. Her lungs started to burn from the lack of oxygen.


The all of a sudden the door flung open, and Harry jumped in yelling “AHHHH!”

Sienna jumped and let out a scream. “HARRY YOU SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME! DON'T DO THAT, DO YOU WANT ME DEAD?” Sienna shrieked.


Harry's reaction was to crumple to the ground laughing. Sienna's chest heaved up and down as she placed her hand over it and tried to steady her breathing. She let a breathy chuckle escape as she watched Harry wriggle around clutching his stomach.


“Asshole,” she muttered, now laughing along with Harry. “Wh-What did you just call me?” Harry asked between laughs. “Asshole!” Sienna shouted back at him funnily.


Harry only laughed harder, he started gasping for breath. That's when Sienna gave in and was sitting on the ground laughing with him.


When they stopped laughing and caught there breaths, Harry looked at Sienna. “You should've seen your face,” he said with a grin. Sienna gave him a little smirk. “You're still an asshole,” she mumbled.


Harry shifted his head to the right and said “Hey, you can't call the king an asshole.” He then put his hands on his hips and looked away snobblily. Sienna cackled at him.


“You're so weird,” she said. Harry grinned happily. “Good.” “So, why are you here early again?” Sienna asked. “I got bored again...” Harry replied. “Oh ok.”


“You're ready though right?” Sienna asked again. “Um, no.” Harry said. “Well, go get ready then and we'll leave early, that way we won't have to rush when we get distracted,” she told him hastily. “Alright, alright I'm going.” Harry said before he and Sienna walked to the front door.


“Be quick!” She shouted as Harry ran over to his house. She turned back inside, rubbing her arms from the cold. Her books laid all over the coffee table in the living room, so she gathered them up and stuffed them into her bag.


She sighed, knowing she'd have to pay them off soon since all her old books were lost when the Carter incident happened. She shuddered thinking about it.


Sienna slipped a light coat around her, placing her backpack on her shoulders. She, and then stepped into her Vans and tied the laces. Then she stepped out of her door, the cold pressing against her bare face.


She turned around and locked her door. As she looked over to the left, Harry came jogging over in his Jack Willis hoodie. “You ready to go?” He asked. “Ready as I'll ever be.” Sienna sighed.


“Let's go then,” Harry grinned, and they set off towards their bus stop.




Sienna followed Harry off the bus, joining the crowd of students piling onto the schoolgrounds. He turned around, giggling at her. Sienna stuck her tongue out, making him giggle more.


They walked side by side, Harry grabbing one of his bag's straps with his hands. He seemed excited today. But Sienna didn't know what for.


Then out of nowhere, a good-looking boy with side swept hair came trotting over. “Harry!” He called excitedly, pulling him into a man hug which Harry returned. “Lou!” Harry exclaimed.


Sienna stood awkwardly beside Harry. Her smile had faded and she was unsure of what to do. She wasn't very charismatic. All she hoped was that the boy, Lou, wouldn't notice her.


But, of course, he did.


“Oh, who's this?” Lou asked curiously. His face churned in concentration. Sienna flinched uncomfortably. “I recognize you from somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it though,” he added.


“Um, Louis, this is Si-” Harry started. “Sienna! Oh, the Sienna Cole! Harry talks about you an awful lot.” Louis smirked. Harry grinned, trying to cover up his embarrassment.


Sienna was flattered though. Did Harry really talk about her that much to his friends?


“He does?” Sienna laughed, the words finally spilling out of her. “You bet he does!” Louis said, punching Harry playfully in the shoulder. “Don't cha Harry?” Harry chuckled through his teeth. “And boy, were you right Harry. She is quite pretty isn't she?” Louis added.


Sienna could feel her cheeks blush a deep shade of red. Harry thought she was pretty? She never actually thought about it, it's just... Friends were obliged to say you're pretty. It's what friends do right? But for your friends to tell their friends you were pretty..


“Si, this is, um, Louis.” Harry said, his face flushed pink. “The one and only,” Louis added with a grin. “I'm Sienna,” she choked out quietly. “Well, it's nice to meet you. You should come meet the rest of the boys,” Louis insisted.


“Yeah, Si.” Harry grinned. “Come with us,” Louis said wavering for Sienna to follow him.


Sienna hesitatingly followed them around to the side of the school, near the tool shed. She really didn't want to talk to more people she didn't know. Especially boys.


“Guess who we've got with us!” Louis shouted to three other boys.


Damn, they were cute. One boy Sienna recognized, from the school's basketball game. He had black hair with a blonde streak, styled up in a quiff. Brown eyes, just like her too. He was a mysterious looking type, his jaw lined with light stubble. Sienna thought he looked a bit sketchy, but again, she couldn't be that quick to judge.


The second boy, she'd never seen around before. Blonde hair his bangs stuck up. Sort of like the first boy's hair, but not as rounded. She could see his brown roots popping out of his scalp slightly, he dyed his hair obviously. He had braces, and watery blue eyes. His jaw stuck out a tad, but he was still extremely adorable.


The last boy, Sienna knew. Liam Payne. His buzz-cut brown hair muscly build she was familiar with. Sienna had never talked to him, she didn't know him personally. But almost everyone knew Liam. Everyone was familiar with the school's cutest couple: Danielle Peazer, and Liam Payne.


“Hello,” the blonde one greeted her with an accent. Irish. He had to be Irish. Liam and the quiff boy followed with their greets.


“This is Sienna,” Harry introduced. Sienna waved shyly. “Harry's lady friend,” Louis put in. The three boys giggled. “I'm Niall, this is Zayn,” The blonde one gestured to the mysterious looking one. “And tha-” Niall was cut off by Sienna. “Liam, I know.”


Niall smiled and nodded. “Well, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. Harry's said so much I feel as if I already know everything about you.” Liam said sweetly holding his hand out, proposing a handshake. Sienna awkwardly took it, smiling at him.


“No need to be shy, love,” Louis said patting her on the shoulder. Sienna giggled. “Isn't she a doll,” Niall said.


Sienna felt her cheeks go pink again. Harry stood by her side, chuckling. He obviously knew she was nervous. He knew she wasn't good at making friends, nonetheless talking to new people. Ugh, where was Annie when she needed her?


Suddenly Zayn spoke up. “Lou's right, c'mon, we're friends now right? No need to be shy.” He grinned. Well, more acquaintances than friends and maybe not for you, Sienna thought.


“Here, how about we play a game. We'll each state five facts about ourselves so Sienna might feel a bit more comfortable around us,” Liam said enthusiastically. “Sure, why not.” Sienna said still quiet, shrugging her shoulders.


“I'll go first!” Harry said excitedly. Sienna laughed. He was such a kid.


“I'm Harry, I like tacos, I can cook, I love music, and I've been crazy about one thing for years.” He said, glancing over at Sienna. Too bad she hadn't noticed.


Next up was Louis, “I'm Louis, I love Toms shoes, I think the new girl Eleanor is hot, I love to joke, and I really don't like school,” He said with a little clap and saying the last bit in a sing songy voice. Sienna giggled.


“I'm Zayn, I can't dance, I have a passion for music, I'm single,” he winked at Sienna. She giggled, but out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw a flick of jealousy go through Harry's eyes. Zayn hesitated a bit before finishing, “and I smoke.”


Louis gasped. “Oh no! Guys, guys! We've got a smoker code red! Code red!” He shouted jokingly. Everyone laughed. “Nah, don't worry Zayn. It doesn't bother us.” He said flicking his hand towards Zayn while looking away from him.


Niall went after that... “I'm Niall, I'm from Ireland, I love food, erm, I like to sing, and I'm friendly.” He grinned at Sienna, exposing his braces. Sienna smiled back. They didn't seem too bad... Maybe she'd try to get along with them.


“I'm Liam, I have the most amazing girlfriend, I love Toy Story, I wish I had the confidence to talk to people, and I also love music.” Liam added. Now, it was Sienna's turn.


She pouted her lips, deciding on what she would tell them. They all looked at her expectantly, but she avoided their gazes before finally starting.


“My name's Sienna, I'm not good at making new friends or talking to new people, my favourite colour is orange, I like to read, and my 18th birthday's tomorrow.” Sienna said. She did feel a bit more comfortable after knowing a little about them.


“You'll be legal!” Louis exclaimed. Sienna nodded, grinning. “We should take her clubbing with us, Lou!” Harry shouted. The boys all cheered. “Let's do it!” Zayn said. “We shall!” Louis added. Sienna giggled. She was already growing on them.


“So, Si, happy early birthday present! I think that's how you'd put it. Will you come clubbing with us?” Harry looked at her with eyes full of excitement.


Sienna thought about it. Maybe it would be nice to get out and have fun, especially on her birthday. And it could also be a good bonding experience with the boys... Ah, what the hell. She could let loose!


“Yeah, sure! Why not?” Sienna said confidently. “'Atta girl!” Louis exclaimed. “Opening up to us already.” He smirked.


Sienna giggled. Then the bell buzzed loudly next to them. “See you at lunch?” Harry said happily to her. “Yeah,” she replied before he grinned, nodded, and was off with the boys.


Sienna started walking towards the school doors on her own. She thought about her decision. Yeah, maybe it would be nice to go clubbing. It would be nice to let loose... And then she strolled into the school.


hello :) sorry for having late posts, I just got my laptop working again which has my story on it. i also had major writer's block for this chapter so sorry if it sucks :P

anyways, something big is gonna happen next chapter! try and guess what it is :)) thanks again for all the views, likes, and favourites. I got on the home page of movellas for fanfiction! so thank you all so much <3

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