Bumps In The Road [On Hiatus]

Seventeen-year-old Sienna Cole is secretly in love with her best friend of 8 years, Harry Styles. Both growing up without fathers, they relied on each other, becoming inseparable. Even though Harry is outgoing, and Sienna is a wallflower, nothing stands between them. But this all changes on Sienna's 18th birthday. Accidents happen, romance blooms, new people arrive, and everything changes. Harry's talent for singing is discovered, and Sienna will eventually reach her breaking point. What will she do when her green-eyed prince charming leaves? Everything that Sienna pulls through, only leaves another bump in the road.
(One Direction Fanfiction) ::HIATUS, I am possibly starting another fanfic and need a new plot for this one since i scrapped the old.::


11. The Accident

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Sienna smiled insanely as she talked to Annie. “I can't believe I'm finally 18, and I can't believe I'm going clubbing. With Harry!” She said excitedly. “Don't forget the other boys will be there! I wish I could go with you, sucks I won't be legal for a little while yet. But you have to tell me if anything exciting happens!” Annie exclaimed. “I will, don't worry!” Sienna told her reassuringly with a giggle.


“So, what are you gonna wear?” Annie questioned. “Well,” Sienna said biting her lip. “I wanted to wear this...”


Sienna layed out a short strapless black dress with a zipper trailing down the front, and a whitey-beige jacket.


“This so isn't like you!” Annie chuckled. “But it looks good, Si. What about the shoes?”


Sienna set a strappy pair of shoes on top of the dress and smiled at Annie.


“They're a little high so I'll have to wear them and get used to it. I still have to break them in anyways.” Sienna beamed at Annie. Annie nodded and smiled impressed.


“Use a grey bag to finish it off when you leave. It's so black so the purse will balance it.” Annie suggested.


Sienna nodded thinking about it. Grey would balance it off. She'd have to sneak one of her Mum's old purses.


“Thanks Annie,” Sienna smiled. “Ugh, I'm so nervous. Anything could happen! Especially if I get drunk,” Sienna said nervously. “Si, don't worry. You're gonna have so much fun!” Annie enthused.


Sienna shrugged her shoulders. Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn't. Either way, she'd try to have as much fun as she could.


Annie quickly checked her phone as it buzzed. Sienna was off in her mind already, thinking about the boys and what she should do tonight.


“I have to go, my mom needs help with something,” Annie said annoyed rolling her eyes. “Awe, alright. Bye Annie,” Sienna said sadly.


Annie stepped over to give her a hug, “Bye Si, oh by the way, Happy Birthday.” She held out a small white box, obviously meant for jewelery.


Sienna quickly opened it, smiling. Inside was a silver charm bracelet with letters spelling their names on it.


“Oh my god, Annie! This must've been a fortune, thank you so much!” Sienna said gratefully, wrapping Annie is another hug. “Well, I saved up for a little while... And my mom did pitch in a little... But you're welcome.” Annie grinned.


“You're the best best friend I could ever have.” Sienna said as Annie smiled. “You too, Si, you too,” Annie replied


Sienna was really glad to have Annie. She'd been there for her ever since she started high school. Even when she was the loner, the outcast, Annie was there for her. And it was wonderful. If Harry wasn't around or if they got into a fight or if it was just girl talk, Annie was there. She was truly the best friend Sienna could've asked for.


“I really have to go now, so deuces, Si, happy birthday!” Annie said as she hopped out the door. “Bye!” Sienna shouted. She giggled recalling how many good times she'd had with Annie, always exiting the door with a hop and a happy but funny farewell.


But now it was time for Sienna to get ready. Straightening her normally wavy/curly hair would be somewhat of a challenge. It always was. It normally took her two hours or so, depending on how messy or thick feeling her hair was that day. Too bad it was it's natural thickness today.


She plugged in her Chi straightener, waiting for it to heat up. Luckily, it only took about 30 seconds.


Sienna sat down on a plush chair in front of her desk, and grabbed an inch off one layer in her long hair. Plucking the hot straightener off the desk, she clamped the hair in between the heated plates and slid it down.


Sienna continued that process for the next hour and a half or so.


Thank god it wasn't frizzy this time, was all Sienna could think. Almost every time she straightened her hair it would be frizzy, and she'd spend another half hour trying to get rid of it.


But, she didn't want to take her chances. So she grabbed a bottle of hairspray, her favourite kind – the one that kept your hair in place, but left it feeling smooth and silky - and sprayed a good amount on her hair, especially the ends. Lastly, she applied a bit of root volumizer, she didn't want her hair to look plastered to her face.


Sienna remembered what Annie had told her about the grey purse as she looked at the dress. Before she forgot she slipped out of her room and into her mom's.


Checking behind her to make sure her Mom wasn't coming up, she searched through the purse section of her closet. Her mom was protective over her accessories, and damn, was she organized.


It was simple for Sienna to find the grey purses, since they were all colour assorted. She really never knew her mom had this many purses though. Probably saved from when she was younger. But nonetheless, it was easy.


Sienna decided on a small clutch purse with a bow on the front. A thin gold chain was attached, it was perfect. She glanced over her shoulder one last time before tucking it under her arm and speeding off back to her room.


Sienna set the purse down, hiding it under her coat, and decided to do her make-up since she had about an hour to spare.


Since her outfit was so black, she decided to go with a black eyeshadow too. She laid on quite a bit, both on top and under her eye. Too black, she thought. So she grabbed a silvery white colour and brimmed the black on top.


She grabbed her pencil eyeliner, and swiftly sliding it around her eyes. She messed up quite a few times, before she just smudged it into place.


It didn't look that bad, actually. She hadn't smudged it all over, just enough that it left a smoky effect on the bottom.


The finishing touch to her eyes was mascara. She chose a thick volumizing kind and blinked onto the brush.


Her eyelashes were left in clumps, but lengthened and curled a bit. It looked alright. Sienna wasn't particularly fond of all the black, but she was going clubbing and she didn't want to be the only one to look like a happy schoolgirl .


She was nervous though, to wear something out of her style. Short strapless dresses weren't her thing, and she rarely exposed that much skin. The last thing she wanted was to have drunk men climbing all over her. But, she wanted to let loose so she shook the thoughts and slid her clothes off.


She unzipped the dress and stepped into it, quickly checking to make sure she was wearing a strapless bra, which she was. The dress hugged her hips snugly, and she pulled the zipper up to the top of the dress.


The whole dress complimented the shape of her body. Snug at the waist and hips, just hugging wear it ended... All of it just flattered her shape.


Then she remembered she shoes. Damnit, she forgot to put them on before. Now she'd have blisters and be wobbling around like she was drunk.

Well, the wobbling part didn't worry her so much, since she'd probably get drunk there anyways.


She slid them on, hoping to break them in enough to be ready in the next 5 minutes. She wobbled so much stepping around her bed. Sienna even fell every now and then.


She giggled at herself when she watched her walk in the mirror. She looked like an idiot. Oh well.


Her cell phone rang, it was her dad. She answered, “Hey Dad.” “Hey hun, happy birthday!” He said excitedly. Sienna grinned. “Thanks, it's nice to finally hear that again.” Her father chuckled.


“Sorry I hadn't called earlier, papers got sent in for work and I had to get them done.” “It's alright” “So, how's it feel to finally be legal?” “Great! It's the biggest accomplishment I've felt in my life so far!” Sienna said excitedly.


“That's great! Well, Victoria and Kailey both wish you a happy birthday. And I have your birthday surprise ready for tomorrow. I'll swing by your house and bring it to you. That sound alright?” Her dad questioned. “Great! Oh, and tell Kailey, and Victoria thank you.” Sienna smiled.


“Will do. Well, I'm hungry so I'm gonna go have some dinner. Sorry it was such a short phone call!” Her dad said. “Don't worry Dad, and thanks.” She said gratefully. “Love you hunny, happy birthday.” “Love you too, Dad,” Sienna said before ending the call.


Moments later the doorbell rang. The boys were here to pick her up. She slipped on her coat and grabbed her mother's purse, hiding in her coat and rushing downstairs. She wobbled down the stairs, careful not to fall and called out ”Bye Mom, love you!”


“Bye Sienna! Happy Birthday!” Was all Sienna heard before the cold tugged at her legs, giving her goosebumps.


Harry awaited her just off the porch. He was wearing a blazer and dark jeans. Typical Harry.


“Whoa,” he exclaimed, seeing her step down off the porch. “You look good.” He enthused. “Thanks,” Sienna giggled.


Together they walked to one of the boys' car. Clearly a Dodge Charger. Harry opened the door to the passenger seat, pulling the chair forward. Sienna slipped in next to to Niall.


“Hey there, happy birthday,” Niall greeted as they squeezed together with Zayn in the back seat. “Hi,” Sienna said back pleasantly. Zayn leaned forward, looking around Niall with a grin winking at her. “You look good. Happy birthday babe!” He said flirtatiously. “Thanks,” Sienna said back shyly. She wasn't used to flirts.


She caught Louis staring at her with a smirk through the mirror, and he quickly glanced away. “Happy birthday, Sienna. Everyone ready?” He asked . “Yeah,” everyone replied in unison. “Then we're off!” He said as he revved the engine and hit the road.



Louis pulled up in front of a club, called “Teknik”. The sign was lit up a fluorescent blue, and you could see faint colourful lights through the black tinted windows. Sienna was bubbling with excitement, anything could happen tonight.


“Here we are!” Louis exclaimed. Harry let a whoop out and Niall cheered. Zayn and Sienna giggled as Louis and Harry pulled their seats forward, letting the 2 boys and herself out of the cramped backseat.


“Let's go in shall we?” Harry said. “In we shall,” Sienna replied with a smirk. She saw him scan her up and down, and she felt her face go hot. She was hoping nobody would see her blush in the dark.


They all walked into the club together. The music was blasting, Sienna thought her eardrums might pop.


People were all around grinding and dancing, making cheers at the bar. There were the odd ones out, sitting glumly in a seat with a big bottle of whiskey in their hand. Her face turned disgusted when she saw someone who was drunk... too drunk... throw up on the dance floor. She cringed.


Harry nudged her on the shoulder. She must've drifted off into space looking around the club since all it was only Harry around her.


“Hey, you alright? You look a little grossed out. We can leave if you want.” He said thoughtfully. “Oh, um.. No, don't worry. I just hope nobody throws up on me tonight. Especially one of you boys.” Sienna said, pushing her lips to the side. Harry let out a soft chuckle. “You'll be lucky if I do it on accident.”


Sienna let a gasp out, which quickly formed into a grin. She punched Harry on the shoulder, who was laughing along with her now. “Ow!” he said, joking and rubbing his shoulder.


They both snickered before Harry said, “Let's go sit.” Sienna nodded and smiled as Harry took her arms and locked elbows with her.


They giggled together all the way to a rather large booth, with a plush black leather couch-like seat, that curved around the table edges and came together. All the four other boys were sitting at the table. She took a seat at the end, beside Niall, and Harry sat across from her.


“You had a drink yet?” Niall asked sloppily, his breath already reeking of alcohol. How many drinks had he had in the past 5 minutes?!


“Um... No. We just got here?” Sienna said unsurely. “C'mon! You're legal! You've gotta have some drinks,” he insisted, sloppily again. “Yeah Si. It's your 18th birthday! You're legal! You can drink as much as you want, but not too much if you're planning to go outside.” Louis said taking a sip out of his whiskey. Everyone laughed a little.


Sienna caught Zayn staring at her for a moment, to which he quickly glanced away. She caught Niall mid-sentence, since she'd drifted to space again.


“Lemme buy you one, c'mon,” He finished, inching her out to the floor. Sienna giggled unsurely, and glanced at Harry. He smiled and nodded his head, as if saying, 'yeah, go ahead, why not?' Sienna laughed as Niall pushed her along with his fingertips .


They ended up at the bar, of course. The bartender was a younger looking girl, about 22, who had long jet black hair pulled into a slick ponytail. She was wearing a sort of suit like dress, black with a white collar and cuffs at the end of her sleeves. A flourescent blue bowtie also stood out in the center of her collar.


“What can I get for ya?” She asked, flipping a bottle into the air and catching it. “The strongest.. beer you've got.” Niall said, raising his eyebrows and pointing a finger clumsily. “Alrightie,” the bartender replied with a grin.


Sienna tried to hold down her laugh as Niall clumsily did things. He sure got drunk fast. Quickly after the bartender returned with a bottle full of beer.


“Strongest we've got,” she said, slamming it down on the bar in front of Niall. Niall smirked and winked, replying with a “Thank you.” He fiddled in his pocket, and put $5 change on the counter. Sienna giggled.


Niall turned away from the bartender, as she took the money and went to serve someone else. He flipped the cap off of the bottle, and swiftly handed it to her, spilling a little out the top.


“Take a swig.” He insisted.


Sienna cautiously grabbed the bottle by the neck. She swished it around a little, unsure of whether to drink it or not. Niall impatiently said “Well, drink it.”


Sienna figured, what the hell. It's my 18th birthday. I'm legal. I can drink. What'll be so bad? I'll have a couple bottles and that's it. It's not gonna ruin my life, so what the hell. And she took a big sip of the beer.


The smooth liquid entered her mouth, and made its way to the back. She felt the burning in her throat, an d quickly swallowed it. It wasn't a bad feeling though... She liked it. Quickly, she took another big sip, lusting for it.


“Ah, the freshie likes the alcohol.” Niall grinned. Sienna removed the bottle from her lips and looked at him. “Hell yeah,” she responded with a smile. It was really weird, Sienna never thought she'd enjoy alcohol. But then again, she hadn't tried it, so she wouldn't have known.


Niall smirked, seeming satisfied. They walked back to the table together, and by the time they got there, Sienna's bottle only had a third of beer left.


Niall slid into his seat, and Sienna took her seat beside him. She could feel the blood pulsing through her veins.


Harry chuckled when he saw her, “So, you like it?” All the attention was on her, as all the boys looked towards her. But, in the moment, she didn't really care.


“Oh, yeah.” She slurred, adding a giggle at the end. Louis let out a laugh as Sienna started to hiccup. Then all the boys joined in the laughter. Sienna laughed with them as she was constantly jumping as she hiccuped.


“Slow down a little on the drinking there, babe,” Zayn said, winking at her. She saw out of the corner of her eye that Harry's smile faded almost instantaneously, but her brain didn't make much of it with all the alcohol running through her body.


Sienna giggled though, replying to Zayn with a sloppy “nooooo.” She shook her bottle a little, and took her last big sips before finishing off her bottle.


Sienna looked around the table, giggling and smirking. She looked at each of the boys... Niall, who was sitting with his bottle in hand, and his tired-looking eyes. Louis, who was taking a big sip out of his bottle. Zayn, she caught staring at her, but he quickly looked away. And Harry, who was laughing at something on the dance floor.


It took her a few seconds to process that Liam wasn't there.


“Hey, where's Liam?” She asked. Harry looked at her. He smirked, and pointed to the dance floor.


There Liam was, his bottle in hand, arm up in the air, dancing like a fool. Sienna couldn't hold her laughter. He looked so silly dancing like that. She slammed her hands down on the table and put her head down, laughing uncontrollably. The way Liam danced just replayed over and over in her head.


By now, all the boys found out what she was laughing so hysterically about. They howled and laughed along with her, before Niall piped up. “Well! Let's go dance with him! We didn't come to sit around all night!” And with that he shoved Sienna out of her seat.


She giggled and hiccuped one last time, and she wobbled towards the dance floor. She stood a moment, to balance herself, all the while laughing and trying to figure out how she got this drunk in one bottle.


Suddenly Harry came up alongside her and pulled her onto the dance floor. His cheeky grin was spread wide across his face as he spun her around. Sienna screamed a little and laughed as he caught her. Harry pulled her close to him. So close Sienna could've rested her head on his chest.


She giggled and giggled, not knowing what else to do. She could feel all the blood going to her face, making her blush. Harry leaned in close, saying “I'm gonna get another bottle, wanna come?”


She could smell the alcohol on his breath from his previous bottle. He was definitely around the level of drunk.


“No, I'm gonna go dance.” Sienna replied, even though she hadn't known where any of the other boys went. “Alright, suit yourself!” Harry called as he walked towards the bar, hands in pockets.


Sienna turned, spotting Niall for a quick second through the crowd. She decided to go see him since Zayn made her semi-uncomfortable and Liam was nowhere in sight. Not to mention Louis, who had also disappeared.


Sienna made her way through the crowd, trying not to fall as people around her pushed and shoved. Finally she reached Niall, who had his back to her. Sienna walked beside him, and stuck her hip out, hitting him. Niall hobbled over from the force, starting a slur of cusses at her. He suddenly stopped and said “Oh,” as he saw Sienna giggling beside him.


He let out a grin and offered his bottle to her. Sienna gratefully took it, taking a single sip and handing it back. “Come dance,” Niall said. Sienna smiled and walked in front of Niall. He swayed back and forth, drinking from his bottle. Sienna did a little dance, sidestepping tiny baby steps and moving her arms to the beat at her sides.


“yanno, I think you're one of the nicest, and yet to say funnest girls I've met here yet.” Niall commented after a couple minutes. Sienna giggled, “I guess I'm nice, but Idunno about fun.” “What're you talking about? You're fun as hell when you're drunk!” Niall said with a hearty laugh. “Well, thanks I guess.” Sienna laughed.

“anytime, anytime.”


Sienna had her fun with Niall, dancing and laughing at his childish behavior. Although, it wasn't long before Harry came back with a new bottle of beer. Sienna glanced at him, smirking.


“Where's mine?” She asked. “You said you didn't want one,” Harry said in a raspy tone. “No, I said I wasn't gonna go with you.” She retorted. “Well then, you never asked.” Harry said. “Yeah, whatever,” Sienna snorted. “Just have a sip of mine,” Harry smiled, handing his bottle to her.


Sienna grinned and grabbed the bottle generously from Harry's outstretched hand. She took a big, long sip, pleasuring the burn at the back of her throat. As she removed the bottle from her lips Harry spun her around, grabbing her by the hips and causing her to shout out and drop the bottle.


“Oh!” Sienna cried out as Harry firmly wrapped his arms around her waist. She turned her head, glaring at Harry through his curls, now set upon her shoulder.


“You just wasted a bottle!” Sienna wailed. “You're better than a bottle,” Harry grumbled. Sienna pouted, upset that the bottle was now spilt on the floor. But with what consciousness she had left in her she was easily distracted by Harry's frame pressed tightly to hers and his soft lips planting gentle kisses along her shoulder.


They swayed back and forth together at the hips. Completely in sync. Sienna could feel her heart fluttering and her face burning. Harry was... kissing her shoulder? A proper kiss would've been the cheek or the lips, not the shoulder. And he was drunk, he probably had no idea what was going on... But nonetheless, it was a kiss.


They stayed in their motion for a while. Harry progressively trailed his kisses from the shoulder to just below her jawline. He started to gently nip at the skin, and a strangled gasp escaped Sienna.


Harry let out a deep chuckle, Sienna feeling the vibrations through his chest. “You like that?” He questioned, his eyes now meeting hers.


Truth was, she did. She liked that feeling of pleasure... It was something she never experienced before. And she liked it.


“Yeah,” she whispered, peering into his dark eyes. Another chuckle escaped Harry's lips, before he continued do finish what he did before. Sienna let out a sigh, leaning her head on Harry's at the warmth of his mouth pressed her jawline.


“You look really hot tonight, you know...” Harry mumbled against her skin. Sienna furrowed her eyebrows, unable to make out what he said over the loud music. “What?” She asked. Harry ignored her and continued to mumble on. “I mean... you're always looking good. But tonight... I couldn't resist you...”


Sienna bit her lip, realizing what he said. Her face went hot once again and she was lost in her mind. She heard Harry mumble another few syllables but was again unable to make out what he said. “What?” She quickly asked again.


“Can I tell you something?” He slurred. Sienna found no bother in trying to talk over the music, so she nodded her head. “Remember that time I almost kissed you at your house?” The scene flashed back in her head. Sienna nodded again. “Well... It was a dare... Louis dared me to, and I accepted. I really wanted it to be real... I did... But it wasn't... And you pulled away anyways. I felt bad, and I really just thought you should know.” He finished.


Sienna hadn't even caught anything after 'I accepted'. She knew it! She knew something had been wrong! But how could Harry do that to her? Had he no idea how she felt, no idea what that could do to a girl!? Especially from a boy like him!


Anger boiled up inside of her. Tears brimmed Sienna's eyes. She spun around shoving Harry away from her. He stumbled back, falling on the ground. She stood for a moment, Harry staring at her astonished. Then she turned on her heel and ran.


Sienna ran as fast as she could in her heels. She heard Niall and Liam shout behind her, but she ignored them. Sienna shoved through the crowd, a few people yelling profanities at her for spilling their drinks or just shoving in general. She just about reached the exit when a broad hand gripped her forearm.


Sienna yelped as she was tugged back. She took a quick glance to her left, seeing Harry stumbling through the crowd calling out for her. Looking back at the person who grabbed her, she felt the adrenaline rush through her. Carter was the one who grabbed her. But she needed to get out, she didn't want to talk to Harry. She wanted to be gone.


Before Carter could even say a word Sienna pulled her free hand back and slapped Carter hard across the face She turned and ran, leaving Carter clutching his cheek with a deep red hand marking.


Sienna burst out the door, not stopping for a moment. She could tell the boys were behind her. She couldn't talk to them. No. She needed to get away. Sienna began to run across the road, her face soaked with tears. She didn't pay attention to anything.


And that was her mistake. She heard was Harry wail out “SIENNA! NO!” Then there was the sudden blinding of headlights, the deafening horn of a transport truck, a quick jolt of pain. Then there was black.


helloooo, c: I'm so so so sorry i haven't updated in the longest time. I posted a comment on why. Basically, i wasn't really into the fanfic anymore, and Christmas was in a month and a half, plus i had school work to finish. this was a really long chapter, so i hope it makes up for it! Plus, this was the big thing! So, im just really sorry i haven't posted, and i promise ill try to do it more often! Much love, xx


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