Bumps In The Road [On Hiatus]

Seventeen-year-old Sienna Cole is secretly in love with her best friend of 8 years, Harry Styles. Both growing up without fathers, they relied on each other, becoming inseparable. Even though Harry is outgoing, and Sienna is a wallflower, nothing stands between them. But this all changes on Sienna's 18th birthday. Accidents happen, romance blooms, new people arrive, and everything changes. Harry's talent for singing is discovered, and Sienna will eventually reach her breaking point. What will she do when her green-eyed prince charming leaves? Everything that Sienna pulls through, only leaves another bump in the road.
(One Direction Fanfiction) ::HIATUS, I am possibly starting another fanfic and need a new plot for this one since i scrapped the old.::


7. Surprise, Surprise.

Sienna rolled over onto her side, the pillow brushing her cheek. She fluttered her eyes open to see a drowsy Annie sprawled out on a bed made of blankets on the floor. Annie hugged her pillow as she slept, drawing a small smile out of Sienna.


Glancing over at the clock, she decided she'd get dressed. Little did she know, today was the day the big surprise would come. She was clueless, since the note was never read.


Heading into the bathroom, Sienna slipped a fleecy sweater on, print on the front. Then she stuck one leg into a pair of skinny jeans, pulling it over her thigh. Tucking in the sweater, she headed downstairs. She'd let Annie sleep.


I'll wait for Annie to wake up for breakfast, she thought. Her mum was probably still sleeping too, and her Mum is never awake in the am. She then let herself fall onto the couch, it making a distinct noise as she landed.


Sienna turned the television on, and scanned through the channels. She settled on some early morning cartoons. She managed a sad lopsided smile, remembering when her dad used to watch them with her. Ever since that doll came by, she'd been constantly remembering him.


But, Sienna was confused... Who had sent her the mail? She pressed her eyebrows together, thinking... Then it came to her.


It was like a slap to the face. Her dad! Her dad, her dad! Her dad must've sent it, how could she have been so oblivious? She slapped her forehead with the heel of her palm. Stupid, stupid, stupid, she repeated to herself.


But why would he send it? He hadn't made contact with them since he left... He didn't even send child support. Nothing at all, it was like all wires connecting them had been cut. It just didn't fit the puzzle.


A laugh burst out of her as she focused her attention on the cartoons again. She grinned. Oh, how she loved cartoons.


The cartoon ended, and Sienna looked at the clock again. Harry was probably at work, and his shift ended at 5pm today... Sienna thought she might go visit him, if Annie would just get up.

A little time passed before Sienna thought she would fall asleep. Then a knock at the door came. Sienna flipped her head over, her hair bouncing to her shoulders, and looked at the door. She stood up to go answer it.


At the same time, a drowsy Annie came down the stairs yawning. “Let's eat,” she said tiredly. “Yeah, just a sec I gotta get the door.” Sienna replied, trotting over.

She opened the door, and who it was made her brain go dead.


“Dad?!” She croaked. Sienna could barely form the words on her tongue. Her dad, came to visit?! It had been 12 years! What?!


Tears formed in her eyes as her dad softly said “Hey, sweet pea,” and clasped her in his arms. Annie stood behind them, her jaw hanging. Sienna wrapped her arms around him, saying “Dad... Why'd you come to visit I thought you left...”


He looked at her confused. “Didn't you get my gift?” He asked. Sienna cocked her head, “It was you?” “Yes... Didn't you get the note?” Sienna shook her head. “Oh.” He said.


Sienna wanted to be happy right now, she really did. But all she could do was stand and let the tears trickle down. She was stripped of words, her brain failing to act. Why did he come to visit? Why now? Why not visit annually after he left?


“I have another surprise for you...” He said, looking into her brown eyes. Noticing Annie, who's cheeks were tinted pink with embarrassment, he waved. She stood in her pyjamas, and waved back smiling awkwardly.


“Hello, I don't suppose we've ever met... I'm Allan.” He said formally. “Annie,” she replied shyly. Sienna glanced over at Annie. “This is my dad...” She said slowly and quietly. Annie nodded.


“Anyways, here's my surprise...” He waved over to his car, and a little girl who looked about 7 stepped out from behind... “Meet you're little sister, Kailey.” He said with a large smile.


Now both Sienna's and Annie's jaws dropped. Sienna stared in astonishment, this was unbelievable. Her eyes widened, she was utterly furious. How could her dad do this? How?!


“YOU SAID I'D ALWAYS BE YOU'RE LITTLE PRINCESS. ME. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?” She screamed. Sienna had always wanted a little sister when she was young, but this felt like pure betrayal. And Annie was now even more shocked, she'd never seen Sienna this angry. She was normally calm and collective.


Maddie was already tripping over herself coming down the stairs, still half asleep. Sienna continued shouting and arguing towards her father. Tears flowed heavily down her cheeks. “What-What's going on?!” Maddie asked dumbly.


“I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'D DO THIS TO ME. HOW COULD YOU?!” Sienna finished before racing off to her bedroom. Maddie and Annie exchanged a quick glance before Annie was up the stairs too, calling Sienna.


Maddie looked towards the door. Allan stood solemnly, his expression plastered in shock. Maddie locked eyes with him coldly. Then she stepped forward to confront him.


“Allan...” She said. “It's been a while, Maddie.” Allan said casually. “Yeah... So, why are you here?” She asked keeping my ground. “I thought I'd visit, since I'm on business vacation here.” He shrugged.


“It's been 12 years, Allan. Do you know how much stress and ache you've put her through? She thought she'd never see you again. She only got over it less than a year ago, and Harry has been the only one who's kept it off her mind mostly, since you've been gone. I don't care if you don't know who he is. Don't question. Because I don't care. Her pillow was soaked, after you sent that doll. And next, a surprise visit. Now you go and bring a little girl, her step-sister, up on her?! Damnit, Allan, I swear you're out of you're goddamn mind. She's 18, she doesn't need this sort of pain brought back to her.” She said sternly. “She'd always wanted a sister, I thought she'd be happy. And I sent a note with the doll, that I'd be coming and-” Maddie cut him off. “What note?!” She whisper-yelled.


“The one with the doll, Maddie. He said quite calmly, even though Maddie seemed angry. “I didn't get a note.” She replied. “Well, then I don't know what happened because it was with the doll.” Allan stated.


“Look, I don't care about the doll, or whatever came with it. But you need to leave. This is my house, and as of the current moment you're not welcome here. Sienna's been through enough in the past week, alright. Leave you're number and come back another time.” She said, looking away from him.


Allan shook his head, and jotted down his cellphone number. “I only wanted to see my baby girl again,” He said quietly before walking out the door.


Maddie looked at the paper, reading the number.




Glancing up, she watched as Allan drove off and whispered to herself, “Then you should've visited 12 years ago.”


Sienna sat, balled up on her bed, silently sobbing. She'd been like this since she'd run to her room. Annie sat beside her awkwardly, unsure of what to say.


“You can go if you want, you don't need to stay...” Sienna said quietly. “Alright,” Annie replied, hesitatingly. She gathered her clothes, quickly changed in the bathroom and was off back home.


She heard her Mum apologize about the situation, and the click of the door shutting. She then sat in the same position for another hour or so.


Sienna looked at her clock, 12:20pm. Hell to it, she thought as she grabbed her phone and punched in Harry's number. It went to voicemail. She called again, she needed him right now. He picked up and said annoyed “Hello? I'm at work make it quick,”


“Harry...” Sienna said, clearly crying now. “Si, what's wrong?” He said, his tone instantly changing to worry. “My dad... I.. I just need you right now... Can you come here?” She asked quietly. “I am at work, but sure, anything for you babe,” He said. Sienna flinched at the last word.


He'd only called her that a few times since they've met... And this time it didn't sound like he was joking around. There was a bit of tension and awkward silence before Sienna replied “Okay.” “Alright, I'll see you soon...” He said caringly, and hung up.


Sienna sighed shakily. She pulled her knees tight to her chest, before taking deep breaths. Harry would have some problems with their boss, since he's leaving work early. She knew that, but she really needed him. She sighed once again, before sitting and patiently waiting for Harry to arrive.


Yaaaaaaay chapter 7. :) sorry it wasn't up sooner, my internet's been down for the last few days. But I hope you liked it since it was sort of eventful. A really big incident is coming up in the next few chapters, can any of you guess what it will be? :) And before you all jump to the conclusion that Harry and Sienna will get together, no that's not exactly it. Anyways, thank you once again for all the likes and views and favourites<3 it means so much to me, so thank you. I'll try to have chapter 8 up by Monday. love you guys xx



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