Bumps In The Road [On Hiatus]

Seventeen-year-old Sienna Cole is secretly in love with her best friend of 8 years, Harry Styles. Both growing up without fathers, they relied on each other, becoming inseparable. Even though Harry is outgoing, and Sienna is a wallflower, nothing stands between them. But this all changes on Sienna's 18th birthday. Accidents happen, romance blooms, new people arrive, and everything changes. Harry's talent for singing is discovered, and Sienna will eventually reach her breaking point. What will she do when her green-eyed prince charming leaves? Everything that Sienna pulls through, only leaves another bump in the road.
(One Direction Fanfiction) ::HIATUS, I am possibly starting another fanfic and need a new plot for this one since i scrapped the old.::


6. #Sannie

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Sienna glanced at the clock, 1:23pm. Annie would be here any minute. It was Friday, so Annie had skipped school to spend some time with her since she hadn't been at school since Monday.


She'd seen Harry after school everyday after Tuesday... And Sienna had no idea where her Mum had put the doll... But she didn't want to think about it.


The note was still unread, and still under the couch.


Annie brightly walked in “Sup nigz?” she said in a humorous tone. Sienna smiled, “Nothing niglet, waiting for you I guess.” “Guess what today is!” Annie said excitedly. “Um... November 14th?” Sienna replied, unsure. “Yes! And you're turning 18 in 8 days!! Can you believe it?!” She practically shouted.


Sienna chuckled under her breath. “I can't either. Almost 12 years since I've last seen my dad too...” She replied, the last part sounding sad...


Annie flinched a bit... But she quickly changed the subject. “So, what're you planning on doing? You'll finally be legal!” Sienna shrugged her shoulders, then slumped over. “I dunno. Probably just a little house party with you and Harry like last year.” She stated.


“C'mon! Harry's 18! And then it won't be long after when I turn 18 in January! Go party, go clubbing! Get out there Si! You can't stay cooped up forever.” She exclaimed loudly. “Well, maybe. But just because you want me to doesn't mean I will!” Sienna said.


“Oh! Whatever.” Annie pouted before jumping onto the couch beside her. “So, tell me about Tuesday.” Annie said flatly. “What?” Sienna had completely forgotten about what Annie meant by Tuesday. The only thing Sienna thought of was the doll.


“The almost kiss.” Annie replied. “Oh.” Sienna's face dropped recalling what happened. “Honestly... I don't know. I don't.” She thought long and hard... Annie waited patiently for a response.


“I wasn't nervous... It was like... I don't know... It wasn't right. Something wasn't right.” She finally said. “Really? What do you mean?” Annie questioned. “I don't know... I just had this gut feeling it was wrong...” Sienna said quietly.

Annie's face morphed into a look of concentration. “How?” She asked quizzically. “Annie, I don't know. Just, as soon as he got close something forced me away. I just felt like it wasn't right... Like it wasn't real...” Sienna shook her head. “I don't know, maybe I'm just not ready.” She sighed and threw her head back.


Annie crossed her legs and announced “Okay, well whatever. That's done. Let's do something.” “Like what?” “Um, let's experiment.” She said. Sienna wrinkled her eyebrows. “Yeah, experiment,” Annie said plainly. “We'll take food and experiment.” A smirk began to stretch across her face.


Sienna smirked back, an evil look on her face. “Let's do it.” They both scrambled over to the kitchen, and thank God Sienna's leg had healed better. Sienna jerked the fridge open, while Annie grabbed all sorts of condiments from the cupboards.


Setting down all the foods on the counter, they looked at each other with satisfaction. “Ready?” Annie asked. “Ready.” And they began.




By the time it was 3, the kitchen was disastrous. There was exploded salsa on the sealing, salt was all over the counter, the stove had a bunch of things that looked inedible, and even more.


Sienna wiped her hands off on her jeans. She glanced up at Annie quickly, and tried to hold in her laughter. “What?” Annie asked. It was only seconds Sienna could hold it in, she began a fit of laughter. “What?” Annie shouted.


Sienna couldn't stop laughing. But when she finally did, she answered an upset and confused Annie. 'Y-you had.. You had sauce all over... All over your face... And you had like a moustache!” She exclaimed through gasps.


Annie quickly walked over to the hallway mirror, taking a good look at her sauce-covered face. Then she too, began laughing. Sienna walked over to her, laughing a little still. Annie rubbed her hands in the sauce on her face, then flicked it at Sienna.


Annie giggled as Sienna stepped back and gasped in astonishment. In an instant Sienna came back with fingers covered in some disgusting looking muck. She then flicked that at Annie. They had a mini food fight, not getting it too messy, before stepping back into the kitchen.


They cringed at the dishes they made. Some were burnt and some were just utterly sickening to look at. “We should clean this,” Sienna said while they both stared at the food disgusted. “Yeah...” Annie said, not taking her gaze off the food.


With that, they cleaned.


It was pretty quick that they did it, since they finished everything except the salsa on the ceiling before Sienna's mom got home. Glancing at the clock, Sienna said “ Shit, it's 4:15, my Mom will be home any minute, get on the couch and pretend nothing happened!”


Seconds after they got comfortable and picked a good TV show, as if on cue, Maddie walked in. “Si, how was your day?” She asked. “Good, good.” “Yeah, that's nice.”


Maddie walked over to the kitchen, and shortly after let out a scream. “WHAT JUST LANDED ON MY HEAD?!” She shrieked. Annie and Sienna shared a glance, before laughing and bursting up the stairs into her room. 


hello :) sorry this was such a short chapter, it was only a filler.... but something exciting is going to happen next chapter 

and thank you all so much for over 1000 views <3 it really means so much. love you guys xoxo

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