Bumps In The Road [On Hiatus]

Seventeen-year-old Sienna Cole is secretly in love with her best friend of 8 years, Harry Styles. Both growing up without fathers, they relied on each other, becoming inseparable. Even though Harry is outgoing, and Sienna is a wallflower, nothing stands between them. But this all changes on Sienna's 18th birthday. Accidents happen, romance blooms, new people arrive, and everything changes. Harry's talent for singing is discovered, and Sienna will eventually reach her breaking point. What will she do when her green-eyed prince charming leaves? Everything that Sienna pulls through, only leaves another bump in the road.
(One Direction Fanfiction) ::HIATUS, I am possibly starting another fanfic and need a new plot for this one since i scrapped the old.::


9. Out For Lunch

This chapter's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/out_for_lunch/set?id=61725935


Sienna pulled a brown leather belt out from her closet. Slipping it delicately around her waist, she tightened it to just the right size. Not too tight, not too loose. She wanted to look nice because today was the day. The day she'd have her chance to make things right with her dad. To keep him this time.


She walked over to her desk, a large mirror placed behind it. Biting her lip, she decided on what she'd do with her hair. A nice curly half-up half-down style. Sienna tousled her hair gently before heating up her curling iron.

A lot of curling, bobby pins, and growls of frustration later, Sienna finished her hair. She smirked, insanely pleased with her result. She then pulled out one of her drawers, stuffed with make-up.


Sienna pulled out a pallet of eyeshadow colours, deciding on some earthy beiges and browns to go with her cream dress and brown leathers. A cute cat-tail was also needed, she thought, so she painted that on her eyelid too.


Back at her closet, Sienna dug through her shoes. She pressed her eyebrows together, frustrated that she couldn't find the pair she was looking for. All different kinds of boots, shoes, and slippers had been collecting there over the years. Sienna didn't know if she'd ever find them. 


Without any luck, she crawled over to her bed. She rarely put her shoes under her bed, but maybe the pair she was looking for would. She stuck her hand under, spreading it out and wiping the floor with her palm. Seconds later, Sienna's hand hit a rectangular object. A shoe box.


Pulling it out from under the bed, she tore the top off. Perfect. It was her brown boots. Just the perfect colour to match her belt, and with the length coming up a couple inches short of her knee just completed the outfit. Not too short, not too long. Just perfect.


Sienna slid them on, and headed to her stand up mirror. She twirled, adoring her outfit, and her hair. Good job, Si, she thought. The outfit was gorgeous, perfect for going out to lunch. 


She slipped a beige purse onto her shoulder, and some brown beaded bracelets onto her wrist. A glimpse of a silver butterfly necklace caught her eye, so she walked over to it. A finishing touch. Sienna knew she wouldn't be able to put it on herself, so she'd just get her mum to do it. She walked out her bedroom, and headed down the stairs.


To her surprise, Harry was standing in the doorway. "Wow..." he said breathtakingly, staring at Sienna in awe. Sienna stopped halfway down the stairs and let a grin cross her face, left to right.


"You look... great," he added. Although it seems the word didn't fit for him, he wanted to say something else. "Thanks," Sienna replied cheerily. She was oddly happy today, even thought it should be nerve-wracking for her. She still held the necklace in her hand, peeking at it quickly.


"Here, let me put that on for you," Harry grinned, motioning to her. She skipped down the steps, and placed the necklace in his hands. She spun around and pulled her loose curls around one shoulder, exposing her neck to Harry.


"So what're you doing here?" she asked as he pulled the necklace around her neck and began to fiddle with the lock. Sienna giggled a bit, knowing his hands were to big to deal with a tiny lock like that.

"What do you mean? Am I not welcome in my best friend's house? Am I not allowed to visit my best friend?" He asked humorously. Sienna let out a soft giggle. The last time she'd giggled that certain way was when... the almost kiss happened...


Sienna went dead silent, tuning out the world around her and staring blankly. The day floated through her mind, jumbling it with thought and questions. What was wrong? Why did I feel like it was wrong? It was a perfect moment, why did it feel wrong? I don't get it... she thought as everything bubbled through her mind.


The scene kept replaying in her mind. Harry's eyes. The way he stared at her, so adoringly, so wanting, the lust. His perfect lips, the way he tilted his head as he leaned in. It was all so perfect. Sienna thought and thought, trying to resolve that gut feeling she had. What was wrong?


Sienna focused back on reality, Harry had her by the shoulders shaking her gently. "Si, you alright?" He asked, his eyes worried and his lips pursed slightly. "Yeah... um, yeah... I'm alright." Sienna replied nervously.


She couldn't bring the situation up. She didn't want to make Harry uncomfortable. Not her not now, she had to come up with a cover-up.

"You sure? You went like, brain dead for a minute there. Deep in thought?" He questioned. Of course, Harry knew her like the back of his hand, he'd know when she was deep in thought. Even though he always asked if she was okay...


"Yeah, I was just thinking... about today... What might happen." Sienna lied quickly. "Everything will be fine, Si," he reassured her. "You'll have a great time, not to mention you'll blow them away with how amazing your personality is... And they'll be head over heels with how beautiful you are." He winked. 


Sienna felt the blood pump to her cheeks uncontrollably. That's the word he wanted to say before, she could feel it. "Thanks, Haz," she giggled. He pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. She slid her arms under his, resting her cheek on his collarbone.


Their bodies fit perfectly together, like puzzle pieces. She loved his hugs anyways, they were always so warm and welcoming, protective sometimes. Even though she was enjoying the moment she let out a relieved breath. He didn't see through her - partial - lie, luckily.


Sienna closed her eyes for a quick moment, reopening them and pulling away out of the hug. Harry grasped her shoulders lightly. His emerald eyes piercing into her brown. "Everything will be fine, Si... Nothing will go wrong, I swear." He smiled generously.


Sienna could feel her face daubed with nervousness. Her dad would be here any minute to pick her up. She let out a shaky breath and shivered slightly. Realizing the necklace was hooked around her neck now, she walked down the hall and looked in the mirror.


"You look... darling," Harry joked, nodding and looking at her with a strange yet funny face. A full hearty laugh gurgled up and escaped from Sienna's mouth. "You're such an idiot," she chuckled.


Then the doorbell rang and Sienna immediately turned her focus to it. Her dad. She walked over and opened the door, Harry standing behind her.

"Hi Dad," she said brightly. "Hey," her father said politely. "You look nice."He smiled. "Thanks," Sienna smiled. She really had done a good job on this outfit.


She stepped out the door, side by side with her dad. Harry followed them out but stopped short as Sienna and her father continued to his car. She stopped, and looked back at Harry over her shoulder. She put up a hand and waved goodbye to him. He smiled, waving in return.


Allan turned around, curious to what Sienna was waving to.


"Oh, who's this?" He asked inquisitively. "I'm Harry," Harry said politely. "Well, hello Harry. I'm Allan. It's a pleasure to meet you. Maddie did mention you the other day, before I left." Allan said as they shook hands.


"She did now?" Harry said with a short chuckle. "Yeah," Allan smiled. He turned to Sienna, a devilish smirk on his face. Allan purposely mumbled loudly, so both her and Harry could hear, saying "He's a nice lookin' lad. He your boyfriend?"


Sienna blushed and turned her head down and away, scrunching up her shoulders a little bit. She clasped her hands together, twiddling with her thumbs. Harry chuckled nervously and left her father's friendly gaze. 


"No Dad, he's just my best friend..." Sienna said embarrassed. Allan let out a laugh. "I was only kidding with ya." 


"Well, we'd better be heading out then. Victoria and Kailey are waiting at the restaurant. We don't want to let them wait forever!" Allan informed. "Okay Dad," Sienna glanced at Harry who's cheeks were tinted a delicate pink. He was so adorable. "Bye Hazza." She smiled.


Harry slid a hand in his pocket, staring at Sienna. He let a grin show, dimples exposed and all, and waved to her. 


Sienna slid into the passenger seat, thankfully on her side of the street so she could wave to Harry one last time. Her father put the key in the ignition, and the car purred to life. She held a gaze on Harry, who was also looking at her. They smiled at each other as her father started to drive.


Sienna set the radio to her favourite station, her father making no hesitation. She then looked in the rearview mirror, watching Harry as he watched the car drive away. She sighed when he was no longer in sight, then hummed the songs as her father drove to the restaurant.




Sienna stepped out of her dad's car into the warmth of the sun's rays. It was peculiarly warm today, even though it was nearing November's end. She soaked up the last bit of warmth, nipping at her bare knees before stepping through the glass doors of the restaurant with her dad.


A young looking woman, in her early 30's, and a little girl were sitting on a plush couch in what looked like a waiting room. The woman exposed a brilliant white smile and stood up, taking the girl's hand and strutted over towards her father and herself happily.


Sienna shared a less pleasant smile back, but a smile nonetheless. The woman had sleek shoulder-length black hair, with a few dark brown highlights that were barely noticeable. Her eye's were a bright, shining green, and her eyebrows were overplucked. Not to mention her skin was so unnaturally perfect with shine and glow it looked awfully pasty. 


How did her father even manage to fall in love with this woman?


"Hi, I'm Victoria," she introduced, excitedly. Sienna wanted to roll her eyes, she didn't like her over-inthusiamsm. And she had to call this annoyance her step-mother?  It was hard for her to fight the urge to roll them, but then she thought, she didn't need to be so quick to judge... 


"I'm Sienna," she replied sweetly. The little girl, Kailey, shyed away behind her mother a little more. Sienna must've gave her a bad impression when she lashed out at her father yesterday. 


She knelt down to her height. "Hi," Sienna said awkwardly. "I'm Sienna, your si- step, sister..." Sienna said kindly. She didn't want to call Kailey her sister just yet, since she wasn't immediate family, and Sienna wasn't the first to volunteer when inviting new people into her life. 


Kailey only tucked away behind her mother a little more.


"Kailey sweetie, you don't need to be shy. Sienna's a nice girl." Victoria said comfortingly to Kailey. Kailey hesitatingly stepped out from her mother, still clasping her hand.


"I'm Kailey," she said in an innocent, shy voice.


"Well, nice to meet you, Kailey," Sienna grinned. Kailey was as cute as a muffin, maybe her father having another daughter would be alright.  She stuck out and open palm to Kailey, who shyly accepted her handshake.


Sienna studied Kailey a little bit, now that she wasn't hidden by her mother's enormous hips. 


Kailey looked a lot like Sienna. They both shared her father's ashy brown hair, and his full lips. The only differences were Kailey had Victoria's bright green eyes and pointy nose, instead of Sienna's rich brown eyes and small round nose.


Allan smiled at them all, "Let's get to lunch now, shall we?" "Oh, yes please! I am hungry!" Victoria exclaimed. Sienna cringed at her excessive enthusiasm. How could this lady always be so happy and optimistic and energetic? She didn't like it. Although, her father probably did.


He was always a quiet, business type man. Her mother and him always fought, leaving him miserable most days. He never got excited for much things, and he had a rather boring life then. Victoria probably brought that optimism and excitement -- although Sienna thought she brought too much -- and that's why he married her.


They stood grouped in front of a small stand as they waited for their seats to be taken.


A middle-aged woman, who's hair was pulled into a tight pony and nametag read 'POLLY-JO' arrived. "May I seat you?" She asked kindly and cheerfully.


"Um, yes," Allan said. Another thing they had in common, saying 'um' frequently. A habit. "I had a reservation, Cole. Table for 4." He finished. 


The woman scanned through the list. "Ah, yes. Right this way, Sir," she said grinning.


Polly-Jo guided them through what seemed like a maze of tables and booths. The crowd of people made Sienna a bit anxious. Finally, they arrived at a less busy part of the restaurant. She seated them at a table, in front of a glass wall, giving them a beautiful view of the city.


Sienna widened her eyes, it was quite picturesque. The restaurant had to be on a hill, to be overlooking the city like this. Though, Sienna had never heard of this restaurant on the hill anyways. She wished she had a camera, it would make a beautiful picture. She'd have to add that to her Christmas list.


"You like it? I had the seat specially reserved for us, I thought you'd like the view. You always liked overlooking placed as a little girl," he asked anxiously. "I love it!" Sienna said. 


She sat down at the square table, across from her father and beside Kailey. Polly-Jo grinned, and handed them 3 adult menus and 1 colourful child's menu.


"Can I get you anything to drink while you roder?" She asked. "A glass of water, thank you." Sienna said courteously. Then Victoria spoke for her and Kailey, "A cola and an iced tea, please!" Lastly, Allan ordered a second cola.


"Alright, 2 colas, a water, and an iced tea. I'll be right back," she said kindly. "Thank you," Sienna repeated, giving her a charming smile. With that, the waitress was off.


Victoria shifted in her seat, a tad bit uncomfortably before asking, "So Sienna, how old are you?" "I'm turning 18 this Saturday," Sienna replied casually. "That's right," her dad tossed a finger at her. "I've got a special present for you."


Sienna shifted her eyebrows. "I thought you would've forgotten when my birthday was, and just got a little last minute gift, since, you know, we hadn't had contact for 12 years." "No, Si! Never ever would I forget your birthday! November 22nd, I've always remembered." He said assuringly. Sienna let out a laughy breath. "Alright then."


"Well, you sure are grown up! Almost legal!" Victoria said brightly. Sienna nodded with a small smile. Then Kailey spoke up.


"You're really pretty," Kailey said shyly, with that cute, innocent child's voice. "She is, isn't she Kailey! A very pretty girl." Victoria smiled. Sienna did a sort of lop-sided smile. She didn't like that way Victoria said that, it was almost if she was praising Kailey, like a dog. "Thank you," Sienna replied as kindly as she could.


"I wish I were pretty like you..." Kailey added, looking down at her lap. Sienna's heart sank. How could a little girl already feel that way? Society just gets worse and worse. Or maybe, Kailey was just learning more than most kids her age. "Oh, no. I'm sure you'll grow up to be just as pretty. Probably even more! You'll be beautiful!" Sienna told her reassuringly.


Kailey smiled shyly, dimples coming out. Just like Harry's....


Victoria let out a quiet giggle. Meanwhile, Allan was too absorbed in his menu, he loved food and always had a hard time deciding. 


"So, Sienna. A pretty lady like you must have a boyfriend, huh?" Victoria asked eagerly. For the first time, Sienna noticed Victoria had an accent. She wasn't from England. Victoria was American.  


Huh. No wonder she was always so outgoing and excited. She'd heard a lot of Americans were very bubbly, and excitable. Apparently they loved to party. And they just weren't Sienna's type. 


(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I don't mean to offend any Americans reading. It just goes along with Sienna's distaste for social and exciting activities and dislike for Victoria in general!)


"Well," Sienna pushed her lips to one side. "No, not really. I've had maybe one or two over the past few years..." She winced, remembering Carter. He just couldn't let go of her. "But, no, I don't. I'm not exactly a social butterfly." She finished.


"Oh wow! I thought boys would've been all over you!" Victoria gasped. Sienna giggled, "No. People don't really notice me much." She smiled awkwardly. "That's astonishing." Victoria added, shaking her head. "Mhm," was all Sienna could say in return.


"And so what highschool do you go to?" "Christleton Heights," Sienna answered. "I see, last year, eh?" "Yeah," Sienna smiled.


Polly-Jo finally returned, holding a platter with four glasses on it. 


"2 colas, a water, and an iced tea?" She asked. "Yes, Thanks." Victoria grinned, her cheekbones high and very noticeable.


The waitress slid the four glasses into the middle of the table. Everyone claimed their own drink, pulling it to their seats. Except for Allan.


"Dad!" Sienna half shouted at him. "Huh?" he said, cluelessly. "Your drink," Sienna said more softly. "Oh!" Allan exclaimed embarrassed before sliding it towards him and going back to his menu. Everyone laughed, even the waitress, Polly-Jo.


Victoria's laugh stood out the most though. When she let out her actual full laugh, it was high-pitched and hyena like, snorting between quick breaths. It made Sienna think she might've had some nasal condition. It made her cringe.


"So, may I take your orders?" The watiress asked. "What do you want sweetie?" Victoria asked leaning towards Kailey. "The chicken sticks," Kailey replied. "Isn't she a cutie," Polly-Jo interrupted. 


Victoria giggled. At least her giggle wasn't annoying. "I'll have the Caesar salad combo, please. And of course, the chicken sticks kid's meal, as she said." The waitress scribbled it down. Finally, Allan came back knowing that we were ordering. "I'll have the baby back ribs with a side of fries please." He said. Then the waitress looked at Sienna expectantly.


"Um..." Sienna flipped through the menu. "The quarter chicken meal. White meat. Please and thank you. Oh, and the side of fries, too." The waitress scribbled the rest down and smiled, then went off to place the order.


There wasn't much talk after that. Sienna played a few games of X's and O's with Kailey, and coloured with her... Sienna was glad Kailey got less shy along the way. It made Sienna feel more comfortable with Kailey, and just having a sister.


Their meals arrived and they ate happily. They did a little bit of talking and laughing, but still not much. Though it was enjoyable enough. When everyone finished, they stood up in sync, ready to leave.


"Thank you," Sienna said as they neared the door. "No, thank you! It was a pleasure meeting my step-daughter after not knowing about her for 7 years!" Victoria said pleasantly. Sienna smiled back warmly, but she was really disappointed. Had her dad never spoken about her the whole time he was with Victoria? Had he spoke of her at all in those 12 years?" 


Victoria hugged Sienna goodbye, Sienna returning the hug since she didn't want to be rude. She gave Kailey a high-five, and a more genuine hug too. Then Victoria headed out and drove off with Kailey in a new looking silver SUV. Then her father and herself slipped into his white Chevrolet Corvette.


As they pulled up to Sienna's house, Sienna grabbed the door handle. She didn't open it, but instead turned to her dad.


"Dad...?" She asked innocently. "Yeah sweetie?" "Promise you'll visit more? Promise you won't leave again?" She asked.


Her father's face turned sad.


"Si, I moved to America long ago. I'm only on business vacation here. But, I will promise I will keep in touch this time. I've missed you so much in the last 12 years. I don't know why I didn't call you or anything. It's the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life, and I regret it the most. I was foolish then. I only though for myself, I wanted to forget. But I vow I will call every weekend, and you could even come to America and visit during the summer sometimes. I swear of it, Princess." He said sorrowfully.


Sienna was upset, but her facial expression remained calm and collective. The Sienna everyone knew and was familiar with. She rarely exploited her feelings. Well, except for a few times, like when she lashed out at her dad yesterday...


She just kept her voice calm and even and said "Okay."


Her father leaned over and cupped her face in his hands, kissing her forehead as light as a feather. Oh how she missed his kisses.


"Call me soon, before I leave, alright?" He said. Sienna nodded and smiled. "Yeah," she then got out of the car and jogged to her front door, hearing her dad drive away behind her.


She opened the door to a sweet aroma of Hawaiian coconuts. She inhaled through her nose, the scent was delightful.


"Mmmm, what is that mum?" She called out, closing the door behind her. "A scented candle, you like?" Maddie said cheerfully, appearing out from the kitchen. "I love!" Sienna finished.


"So how was it?" Sienna's mum asked folding her arms across her chest. "It was alright. His wife's annoying though." Sienna cringed. "Ahhh," her mother said, not making a comment since she had the same instinct as Sienna to not be rude.


"I'm going to have a nap so um, yeah." Sienna said awkwardly. "Alright, be up for dinner," Maddie called as Sienna stepped up the first few stairs. "Yep," Sienna called right before slipping into her bedroom and plopping down on her bed, letting sleep embrace her.




This was a pretty long chapter, so I hope it makes up for me not posting for a while! Sorry about that, it's just the computer I have the story saved on doesn't connect to the internet as of now, so I have to re-type everything onto Movellas using my dads computer. it sucks. but yeah, i hope you like it, and sorry if i dont have chapter 10 up for another little while! love you guys xx

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