Bumps In The Road [On Hiatus]

Seventeen-year-old Sienna Cole is secretly in love with her best friend of 8 years, Harry Styles. Both growing up without fathers, they relied on each other, becoming inseparable. Even though Harry is outgoing, and Sienna is a wallflower, nothing stands between them. But this all changes on Sienna's 18th birthday. Accidents happen, romance blooms, new people arrive, and everything changes. Harry's talent for singing is discovered, and Sienna will eventually reach her breaking point. What will she do when her green-eyed prince charming leaves? Everything that Sienna pulls through, only leaves another bump in the road.
(One Direction Fanfiction) ::HIATUS, I am possibly starting another fanfic and need a new plot for this one since i scrapped the old.::


2. I Wish


Sienna kept her head down and her books close to her chest as she quickly walked through the hallways of the school. She was late for class and she knew she was in for it because of course, it conveniently happened to be the class with the most strict teacher. Mrs. Bynes.


She fastened her pace a little, maybe if she wasn't even more late she'd get out on an easy case. Her books and papers went flying everywhere as she bumped into someone. She fell backwards and landed on her tailbone, grunting as she hit the cold tile floor.


Someone had happened to fall ontop of her in the process, tripping over all her books, of course.


She looked up to see those big emerald eyes looking back at her. Harry. She felt her stomach knot when he let a smile out, dimples exposed. “You should really watch where you're letting your things drop, Si.” He said teasing her.


She smiled, embarrassed and looked away to the side. She was leaning back on her arms with Harry leaning over her. She looked back up to see Harry staring at her adoringly with a soft smile. He looked into her eyes and whispered “You really are beautiful up close.”


She felt her cheeks get hot and started smiling like an idiot. “I've always thought you were.” He said, smiling wider.


Sienna was honestly stripped of words. She couldn't think of anything to say, at all. She looked into his soft eyes, and together they shared a special moment. He slowly leaned in and their lips brushed against each other right before he kissed her.


Sienna closed her eyes, her heart exploding. Harry deepened the kiss. She'd waited for this for 8 years. She couldn't believe this was happening. She opened her eyes, hoping to see his beautiful face and tell him how she felt, but only awoke in the face of reality. She sighed, realizing it was just a dream.


She buried her face in her pillow, hoping to go back into that world, that dream. She couldn't though. She rolled over to look at her clock. 7:35am. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. She didn't want to go to school. But she could never pull off pretending to be sick, she was horrible at acting. So she just went over to her closet and pulled out a beige aztec designed chiffon and a grey cardigan. She slipped her night shirt off and put the chiffon on, placing the cardigan over it. She stood looking at her jeans, and decided on a medium blue pair with rips along the legs.


Sienna walked over to the mirror and twirled, happy with the outfit. She then did her hair in a waterfall braid with some curls still hanging in from the day before. Sienna took a quick glance at her bed, still unmade. She debated on making it but decided not to. As she was about to walk out she noticed her laptop sitting on the desk. Pulling out the office chair, she sat down and opened her laptop, checking her facebook and twitter.


A Few new retweets and only one notification from one of those girls at school that she didn't care about. She started to scroll down her newsfeed, and sighed when she saw one of Harry's statuses. “Sienna Cole is such a loser but she's my loser ;)” She read. She didn't even care to say anything back, she simply sighed remembering that dream.


Sienna closed her laptop and skipped downstairs. Her mum had left her a note saying she had to leave early for work today, and left out a plate with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sienna gratefully took it, and was pigging out halfway through her sandwich when Harry walked in exclaiming “I'm home!” Sienna looked at him her lips puckered, a bite of sandwich still in her mouth and the half in her hand. She was not expecting that. She looked at him with big, blank eyes, and swallowed. Harry gave her the same look she was giving him, and they both started laughing.


“You're early,” she stated. “Why?” Harry shrugged his shoulders. “I got bored.” Sienna raised an eyebrow at him. “Oh.” she replied. “Wouldn't you have just watched tv or something until we had to go?” she asked.


Sienna was actually confused. Harry never came early unless they needed to leave early, or if she asked him to. “You're right,” he said happily as he flopped down on the couch. “Now, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.”


He turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. Sienna rolled her eyes and laughed, heading into the kitchen. She wasn't gonna let Harry off that easy for telling her that.


She pulled out some bread, peanut butter, and mayonnaise out of the fridge. A sly smirk appeared on her face, as she spread the peanut butter on one slice, mayonnaise on the other.


She decided she'd go a little extra today, so while she replaced the bread, peanut butter and mayonnaise, she grabbed a slice of chili pepper. Sienna layed it down on the mayonnaise, and smacked the slices together. That sly smirk turned into a devious grin as she placed it on a plate and walked over.


Quickly, she double checked to make sure the sandwich looked flat and had no mayonnaise dripping out. Sienna purposely dropped the plate into Harry's lap, saying “Here's your sandwich, your highness,” sarcastically. He looked up at her and smiled cheekily, making his eyes go extra squinty.


“Why, thank you, kind lady,” he said as he took a huge bite into the sandwich. Sienna could barely hold in her laughter as Harry chewed a little and as his face went from happy, to scared. “Si, what did you put in this?” He asked, with a frightened tone of voice. He looked at her funnily.


“Oh, just some special ingredients,” Sienna replied casually. Looking up and shrugging her shoulders with her arms up in that 'I don't know' position. Harry folded up one piece of the sandwich, revealing the mayonnaise and half of the pepper. Sienna laughed psychotically as Harry gagged, holding his hand in front of his mouth and dropping the sandwich.


Before Sienna could even fall over and clutch her stomach with laughter, Harry was down the hall and in the bathroom, half throwing up over the toilet. Sienna couldn't control her laughter at all. She found every bit of it hilarious. So she laid curled up in a ball in front of the TV.


When Harry came back out, he noticed her on the ground. “DOGPILE!” He screamed, and ran and hopped onto Sienna. She grunted as Harry landed on her. She felt a slight shiver, but was laughing too hard to care. He squirmed on top of her, and for a few minutes they just laid there. Laughing and giggling, and then stopping and laughing again.


“Okay, I think it's time to go...” Sienna said, still laughing. Harry hadn't even rolled off of her yet. She attempted to sit up, but with Harry on her she couldn't. So she pushed him off, making him laugh harder. She looked at the clock. 8:15am.


“HAAAAAARRRYYYYYY!” Sienna called picking up her books and just throwing them into her bag and zipping it up. “We gotta go, we're late!” She hurriedly said. A still hysterical Harry got up and wobbled towards Sienna. As she put her grey Vans on he fell onto her, almost knocking her over. “Get off of me, ya little tit.” She said with a chuckle. Harry made an offended face, but it didn't exactly look offended... Mostly because he was trying to hold in giggles.


Harry followed Sienna out the door as they reached the sidewalk. “Oh wait, gotta grab my bag.” Harry said, jogging over to his house. Sienna waited impatiently for him. God, just 30 seconds felt like 30 minutes. Sienna couldn't be late. Not today. Not when her calculus test was today.


Harry came back out, locking the door behind him. His Ramones t-shirt rippled in the wisps of wind blowing through them. She caught herself staring at him, thinking about his body and how fit is was against the wind and his whipping shirt.


Quickly, she looked away. “Well, let's go,” Harry said with a grin, shoving her up a little. “Hey!” Sienna exclaimed, smirking at him. With that, they quickly rushed to their bus stop.


---------- Lunch ----------


Sienna sighed as she grabbed a tray and slid down the cafeteria line with her other best friend, Annie. Of course, Sienna didn't pack her lunch that morning, so she had to have the disgusting cafeteria food. Food she did not want to eat.


Sienna finally settled down at a table with Annie, half satisfied with her meal. Annie looked at her with bright eyes. “What?” Sienna asked, taking a bite of salad. “Are you gonna tell him yet?” she questioned. Sienna, automatically knowing it was about Harry, said “No! Annie I told you, if I told him now it might ruin our friendship. I don't want that.”


Annie had constantly been telling her to tell Harry. Being truthful, Sienna wanted to. But she couldn't. What if Harry didn't feel the same way? It would make things awkward between them. So she's kept it secret all along.


“Si, he'll have to find out sooner or later. Even if he friendzones you, he'll get over the awkwardness. You can't keep it a secret forever.” Annie said. “I know. I just have to wait for the right time though. And I don't even know when that will be.” Sienna sighed.


“Oh.” Annie replied. Sienna just nodded her head. It was awkwardly silent for a minute or so, before Annie blurted out “Hey, I'm really craving Applebee's we should get some later. The food is presh.” Sienna chuckled under her breath. “Sure Annie.” And almost on cue, Harry came and sat beside them.


“Annie,” Harry said deviously. “Harry,” Annie responded, sticking her tongue out at him. He stuck his tongue out back at her before saying, “So whatcha guys up to?” Sienna glanced over at him, hoping he'd be staring at her. Of course though, he wasn't.


“The usual,” Sienna replied casually. Harry nodded his head. Annie looked at Sienna intimidatingly, since Harry was only sitting a foot away from her. Sienna tried not to laugh, letting an idiotic smile escape without Harry noticing.


“Any plans for after school?” He asked. “Sienna and I were gonna go to Applebee's after school. But we are too fab for you, so you can't come. Sorry!” Annie said, almost sarcastically. “Well,” he said. “I guess I'll just have to follow you two then” He said, smiling, letting his dimples expose themselves.


Annie crossed her arms. “No you won't,” she said, making a pouty face. “I will shart on you.” Sienna and Harry laughed. “What?” Annie asked. “Nothing.” Sienna answered, still laughing.


“Well, I'm going to see the guys. Later Si. Annie.” Harry said, getting up and leaving. They both waved, making silly faces. As soon as Harry was out of earshot, Annie turned to Sienna and said “I am 400% done. He is too cute.” “Oh you should've seen him this morning.” Sienna said, adding emphasis to the sentence. “Really? What?” “The wind was making his shirt fly back, and damn, he's fit. Honestly, I couldn't even. It was so hot.”


Annie smashed her fist on the table lightly. “You have to tell him. Soon.” She said commandingly. “I wish,” Sienna replied as the bell rang, and her and Annie headed off to their next class. 

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