Bumps In The Road [On Hiatus]

Seventeen-year-old Sienna Cole is secretly in love with her best friend of 8 years, Harry Styles. Both growing up without fathers, they relied on each other, becoming inseparable. Even though Harry is outgoing, and Sienna is a wallflower, nothing stands between them. But this all changes on Sienna's 18th birthday. Accidents happen, romance blooms, new people arrive, and everything changes. Harry's talent for singing is discovered, and Sienna will eventually reach her breaking point. What will she do when her green-eyed prince charming leaves? Everything that Sienna pulls through, only leaves another bump in the road.
(One Direction Fanfiction) ::HIATUS, I am possibly starting another fanfic and need a new plot for this one since i scrapped the old.::


4. A Day At Home With Harry

the outfit for this chapter: http://www.polyvore.com/lazy_day/set?id=60101349




Sienna inhaled deeply as she blinked her eyes open slowly. Light poured into her room, she wasn't used to it. She squinted her eyes and softly grunted as she rolled over onto her side. Her eyes widened when she saw Harry, head in his palms, sitting beside her bed.


“Harry...” Sienna nudged him. “Haz?” She whispered. He looked up at Sienna sleepily. His green eyes were red and slightly puffy and had bags around them, his cheeks stained from tears. Sienna furrowed her eyebrows, her eyes turning sad. “Don't cry,” she soothed. Harry looked down again, his hands clasped in his lap. When he looked back up at her, he looked right into her rich, brown eyes. “I'm sorry,” he said, barely audible.


A tear streamed down his face as he left her gaze and looked down to the right. Sienna carefully swung her legs over the edge of her bed, and hugged Harry. He didn't hug her back. “It's not your fault,” she whispered into his ear as she saw her phone, remembering her unsent text.


“It is.” Harry shakily said. “No, it's not. It's mine. I went down that alleyway, I shouldn't have. I should've sucked it up and took the long way home, even if it was cold. But it's not your fault. At all.” She told him as she grabbed his shoulders looking him in the eye. Harry didn't reply.


It stayed awkwardly silent as they both sat. Harry finally spoke, saying “I don't want you to be hurt, I don't want you to be hurt ever. I just don't want anything bad to happen to you.” Sienna looked down. She didn't know what to say. So she just hugged him again. He hugged back, softly rubbing her back.


Sienna sighed. Closing her eyes, she embraced the moment. The world disappearing around her. Only her and Harry... together. She opened her eyes again and looked at the clock. 10:34am. “Um, Haz, shouldn't you be at school?” She asked quizzically.

“I skipped.” He answered casually.


Sienna took a moment to think. “Why?” Harry shrugged his shoulders. “Didn't want you to be home alone, I guess.” It was strange, because Harry wouldn't make eye contact with her. It wasn't like him. “Oh.” Sienna said. “Let's go downstairs, and you can make me a sandwich. And some tea.” She said smirking, trying to lighten the mood. Harry smiled weakly. Sienna stood up and almost fell over, with her leg and all. Harry quickly jumped up to help her.


“Here, I'll help you downstairs.” He said. “No, I can do it myself. I'm a big girl now.” She said jokingly, the last part to the tune of the Huggies Pull-ups song. A small giggle escaped Harry, only the kind she could get out of him. It was absolutely adorable.


Sienna limped slowly, wobbling a lot, down to the living room. She flopped down onto the couch, breathing out heavily. “My leg kills. Stair climbing is hard work.” She complained. Harry crossed his arms and smiled, letting his dimples show and shook his head. Sienna smiled, satisfied with herself. “You complain so much, Si.” Harry said.


“Oh. Well, that's nice. Now fetch me my sandwich and tea.” Sienna shooed him off to the kitchen, from the couch. “Loser.” He muttered. “What?” Sienna asked, cupping her ear. “Loser!” He repeated louder. “What?” Sienna half shouted. “LOSER!” Harry yelled back, laughing.


“I think not!” Sienna said royally as she got up and hobbled over towards Harry. She swung at his shoulder, missing because of him jumping back. He stuck his tongue out at her, his eye going wide, and his teeth exposed. “Come here!” she said, laughing and reaching out to grab him.


“I think not!” Harry said mocking her, placing his hands on his hips and turning his nose up to the left. Sienna laughed and chased after him. Harry flailed his arms and danced around the room, taunting Sienna. “Whatcha gonna do, huh?” He taunted. “I'm gonna get you for this!” She said, limping after him.


“I don't think so, maybe in another lifetime, Limpy.” Harry teased her. Sienna smirked as they circled each other around the couch. Sienna gripped the cream leather armrest, making intimidating moves. Harry did the same.


They played their little game of tag for a while. That is, until it switched over, with Harry chasing after Sienna. Of course, he had the advantage over her being without an injured leg and all...


Sienna ended up tripping over the coffee table, thankfully landing on her good leg. She rolled onto her back as Harry tripped to. He caught himself before he hit Sienna, and balanced over her. They laughed at each other. Then they just smiled.


Harry was looking at Sienna almost seductively, and Sienna was just thinking of how perfect he was. How perfect this moment was. He glanced down at her lips then back at her eyes. And slowly, the magic began. He leaned in sneaking glances at her lips. Was this even reality?


Sienna watched admiringly. But just as she felt his breath on her lips, she abruptly pulled away. She didn't know why... But she did. She slid herself out from under him, and he pushed himself up awkwardly. Sienna sat, holding herself up on her arm. “Um, I'm gonna go get... dressed..” Sienna said.


“Yeah. Um, ok.” Harry said awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah...” Sienna replied, just as awkward. She wobbled over to the stairs, and slowly made her way up. Quicker than before, she limped into her room, picking up her phone frantically.


She sent all her texts to Annie, plus a new one.


Annie, I need you to talk to me okay callm e r ight now!!


Sienna sent it, impatiently waiting for that call. Making sure Harry wasn't nearby, she peeked out. He wasn't... She locked her door anyways and sat in her closet, just for precautions. She did not want Harry to hear this conversation...


Her phone vibrated, Annie's face appearing on the screen. Sienna answered rapidly. “Annie. You won't believe what just happened and oh my god.” she said buzzing with anxiety. “What?” Annie asked confused. “Harry was about to kiss me and I pulled away and I don't know what. I don't know what I did, help me!” Sienna said fast and frantically. “WHAT?! WHY!?” Annie shouted through the phone.


“Why would you pull away?!” Annie demanded. “I-I don't know! I just felt his breath and I pulled away. I don't know! I waited for that for so long! What did I do?!” Sienna whisper-yelled. “Ugh. What did I do...” she added, dragging it out as a complaint.


“You were nervous, weren't you?” Annie asked. “Well... yeah, I guess.” Sienna replied simply. Annie sighed. “I guess you're not ready yet, Si.” “I guess not...” Sienna replied.




After their conversation was done, Sienna quickly got up, cautious of her leg, and tore her pyjamas off. She dug through her drawers, looking for something quick, simple, and lazy. She decided on a cute pair of grey sweatpants, and an orangey-yellow tank top.


Done dressing, Sienna walked – limped – over to her mirror. She took a quick look at her messy hair, cringing. She needed to have a shower tonight. She brushed it through, tugging at her knotty curls leftover from the day before, as well as Sunday.

She pulled it up into a messy bun, with lots of loops sticking out. Surprisingly, it looked really good.


Taking one last quick look, Sienna noticed her make-up. She rubbed the bits under her eyes off, but didn't put any on. What would she need it for, anyways?


Almost tripping down the stairs, Sienna made her way back down to the living room. She noticed Harry sitting there, his head leaning on him palm. “Wanna watch a movie?” She asked with an innocent tone, and face. “Er, sure...” Harry replied.


There was a lot of tension in the room, so Sienna decided to say something... “Cheese,” she blurted out. Harry turned around to look at her with a confused smile. His eyebrows were raised, and he said “What?” “I dunno, cheese, I guess.” Sienna replied shrugging her shoulders.


She quickly limped over to the kitchen, grabbing sliced cheese from the fridge. Giggling at the thought of what she was just about to do, Sienna hobbled back and threw the cheese at Harry. It hit him right in the neck.


“Hey!” He shouted. Sienna quickly shuffled to the table and ducked behind it as Harry picked the cheese back up. He launched the cheese at her, only missing by about a meter. They both laughed, before Sienna sat on the couch with him.


“So what movie do you want to watch?” She asked. “I dunno, Love Actually has always been a favourite of mine.” Harry smirked at her. “You're so cheesy, I didn't know you liked romance.” Sienna said. “A guy can dream...” He said, with some depth to it. It made Sienna wonder what he was getting at.


Sienna shook her head and rolled her eyes with a lopsided smile. She pressed the buttons on the remote, and began to watch Love Actually.



Sienna watched lovingly as tears streamed down Harry's face. His eyes glistened with the tears... Sienna thought it was really beautiful. And how adorable it was, crying because of a romantic movie... This was why she loved him... But of course, she remembered her mistake earlier. To cover it all up she teased “You're such a girl, Harry! Even I didn't cry!” Harry glared at her with a grin. “Oh well. It's not bad for a lad to shed some tears from a good movie every once in a while,” he retorted.


Sienna laughed at his defence. He shoved her a little bit. “Hey!” Sienna exclaimed. She shoved him back. They were laughing just like old times, before that awkward moment a couple hours earlier. She was glad things were back to normal. She smiled at him, catching a hint of sadness in his eyes...


Brushing it by Sienna looked at the door as her Mum came in. “Hi Mum!” she said cheerfully. “Hey hun. Harry,” she replied with a grin. “Hello Maddie,” Harry replied brightly. Maddie set down her purse on a shelf and slipped off her shoes.


“It was nice of you to stay with Sienna today, although I would expecting you to be at school young lad,” She said smiling, getting a bit stern at the end. Harry and Sienna both chuckled. As Maddie trotted over to the kitchen, she noticed the slice of cheese out of the corner of her eye.


She subtly stopped, and took a step back, turning her head to look at it. “Uh, what's that?” She asked them questioningly, raising one of her brows. They both sat straight and made innocent faces. “...Cheese.” Sienna replied simply.


It was only a few seconds that they could contain their laughter, before letting it explode throughout the house. Recalling the cheese incident earlier, they both rolled off the couch in bundles of laughing. Maddie snickered at them, shaking her head, before heading off into the kitchen.


“Do you guys want anything specific for dinner?” Maddie called. Sienna looked at Harry, awaiting his response. He shrugged his shoulders. “No anything. Except brussell sprouts, ew. I don't even know how you like those Mum. They're funkier than cafeteria cheese.” Sienna called back. Her and Harry cackled quietly when Sienna mentioned cheese.


Maddie smirked after giving them a glance, and went on to make supper. “Uh, hold on. I'm gonna go grab my phone...” Sienna said. Harry nodded. So, Sienna got up, and limped up the stairs once again. “We have to get an elevator, Mum! I can't stand going up these stairs with this leg!” She called down.


“Oh, quit your complaining!” Harry said, annoyed. Sienna laughed and continued to her room. She grabbed her phone, and waddled back downstairs.


Plopping down on the couch, she let out a big exasperated breath. Harry grinned, dimpled showing. “You're silly.” He said. Just as Sienna was about to retort, the microwave started buzzing.


“Supper's done!” She yelled. “God, Mum we're right here. You don't need to make our eardrums bleed.” Sienna said. Sienna hobbled to the kitchen, Harry mockingly following her.


“Mum!” Sienna gasped. “This, is not a proper supper!” She complained again, pointing at the instant ramen noodles. “You did say anything!” Maddie said in defence. “She did,” Harry said taking her side.


“Harry! You're my friend, you're supposed to be on my side!” Sienna said shocked, get she laughed a little. She punched his shoulder, she wouldn't let him off with that. “Ouch! Well, she was right! You did say anything. Plus, I don't even mind instant noodles so,” Harry stuck his tongue out at her. Sienna returned the favour.


Maddie chuckled, saying “Okay let's eat now.” Harry and Sienna sat at the table obediently. They devoured their noodles, making silly faces at each other. They were just about done, and Sienna felt a chill go down her spine. Only moments later, a loud knock came from the door. 


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