Like I Love You: A Zayn Malik Romance

Trinity Ross has always been a fan of One Direction. Not a superfan, but a fan. And she gets the chance to meet them--on accident. Bumping into Zayn Malik on her journey to fame has been the best thing that's ever happened to her. But complications due to fame have risen. Will they stick it out? Or will everything come crumbling down?


10. Teasing and a Date


"So," I started, crossing my left leg over the other. "Where are we going?" I looked at him.

He tapped his nose.

I pouted, looking back out the windshield and crossing my arms. "Not fair."

"Aw," he cooed. He put his finger under my chin and turned me to face him.

"You're so adorable," he said.

I rolled my eyes. "Eyes on the road, Malik."

He laughed, but did as I said.

We rode in silence for approximately five minutes before he turned to smirk at me.

"I'm surprised," he said.

I looked at him. "What?" I asked.

"I'm surprised you went this long without talking. I didn't think you could do it."

My expression turned into disbelief. "I can too go a while without talking," I protested as my arms uncrossed and rested at my sides, my hands balling into fists.

"You sure?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I just did for a full five minutes," I pointed out.

Zayn rolled his eyes. "Yeah, but that doesn't count. Anyone can do five minutes."

"I'm surprised you went this long without talking, I didn't think you could do it," I mocked in a deep voice.

He smirked and told me to shut up before I could finish.

I gasped. "Did you just tell me to shut up?"

One of his eyebrows raised. "Yeah. Shut up."

I scrunched up my face and started to fake cry. "You're so mean. I thought you loved me."

He laughed. "I love you," he said after his fit.

"Good. I love you, too." I crossed my arms in satisfaction and stared at the side of his head. His pretty head.

It was silent for a few moments; I was just waiting for him to acknowledge my stare.

"Why are you staring at me?" he finally asked with a shy smile; he seemed scared.

"I noticed you sound a bit intimidated," I said in a professional voice. "What's on your mind?"

He looked at me briefly with a smirk. "What are you, Facebook?"


He glanced at me again, noting my serious face.

"Or are you a therapist?"

"I'm not a rapist."

My face was still serious.

"Um . . . I never . . . I never said that you . . . nevermind."

I laughed, still holding on to my serious face.

He glanced at me, looking freaked out. "Okay, you're scaring me now."

"Oh, am I? I apologize."

He just looked at me. I smiled.

Zayn smiled back. "There's that beautiful smile I love."

Blushing, I looked down. "Shut up," I mumbled.

He pulled into a parking spot; I realized that we were in a parking lot at a very expensive-looking restaurant. French?

He turned the car off and unbuckled his seat belt, then leaned in close to me.

"Listen," he breathed; my head started to spin.

"You're so beautiful. I don't know why you can't understand that. You're beautiful, talented, funny, smart . . . just perfect. Don't let any insecurities overshadow that."

My breathing hitched, and I was pretty sure he heard because he smiled.

"I love you," I murmured.

His smile became the brightest one I'd ever seen, and he captured my lips in a short but sweet kiss that left my mouth tingling.

"I love you, too."





"I'll be right back," Zayn said to me from across the small table as he stood up.

I smiled. "Kay."

He returned the gesture and pecked my lips quickly before heading off in the direction of the bathrooms.

I sighed and brought my hands from beneath the table. While I waited for the food, I rested my head in my hand and put the other on the table. 

Another minute passed. I started drumming my fingers.

Just before Zayn came back, our food came.

"Thanks," I said to the waiter; he bowed in response and back away. I had to restrain myself from laughing, it was so movie-like.

"What's so funny?" Zayn asked with a smile as he slid back into his seat.

"Did you wash your hands?" I asked with a raised brow, ignoring his question.

He rolled his eyes. "Yes."

"With soap?" I pressed.

"Yes," he stressed.

I leaned back and smiled. "Good. And nothing, just the waiter."

"What did the waiter do?" Zayn asked as he began to cut his steak.

"It was just like the movies, he had the tailcoat and bowed and everything," I responded. I picked up my fork and started on my baked chicken.

He chuckled, but didn't respond otherwise. We ate in silence.

"So," I said, breaking the comfortable five-minute silence. "How's the steak?"

Zayn looked at me weirdly. "It's fine," he said cautiously.

I smirked. "I'm surprised you didn't get the chicken like me." I faked a sniffle. "I thought we were the same," I fake-cried.

He laughed. "Sweetheart, just because it's my favorite doesn't mean I have to order it everywhere I go. It's what I have Nando's for."

"Still," I pouted.

"Aw, I love you." He leaned over to kiss my lips.

I grinned. "I love you, too. You and your steak-flavored lips."

He winked. "You love it, really."

"I do," I sighed. I smiled and started eating my salad.

We ate and talked till we couldn't eat anymore, which was a huge deal for me, since I couldn't go two hours without food.

"You eat a lot," Zayn commented as we walked to the car, swinging our arms back and forth between us with our hands intertwined.

I winked at him as I said, "You love it, really."

He laughed. "Mocking me now, I see? I thought we were over all this! I thought you loved me!"

I giggled at his fake expression. He just pretended to sob even more.

"Aw," I cooed. I leaned in to kiss his cheek; he immediately smiled.

"I think you missed," he said with a smirk.

I raised an eyebrow. "Oh, did I?"

He nodded. "By a long-shot. You weren't even close," he scoffed.

I grinned. "Well, maybe you should show me."


By now, we were in front of the Escalade. We turned to face each other. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and I rested my hands on his shoulders. We stared into each other's eyes for a moment before we both leaned in and pressed our lips together.

This kiss was so sweet it made my heart swell and the butterflies return--just like every other kiss we shared. He pressed his body gently against mine; I could feel his heartbeat on my chest.

We broke the kiss naturally. I rested my head in the crook of his neck and felt his face buried in my hair.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you, too."






We both leaned in slowly till our lips made contact. She tasted of chicken--my favorite food. I savored this kiss, because you never know if it might be your last. Not that I was planning on it being that. No, I was never going to end us. It was too painful to even think about.

Our mouths moved softly in sync, but my heart was doing exactly the opposite. It was jumping around, and there were butterflies in my stomach. She just had this effect on me that no other girl could have.

She also had one thing nobody else would ever have:

My heart.

Just as I thought this, we pulled away gently. Her eyes were still closed--something she does when she's extremely content, I've noted--as she put her head in the crook of my neck. She opened her eyes--something I only knew because, as I couldn't see with my face in her hair, her eyelashes brushed against my skin, leaving tingles. Butterfly kisses. The sweetest.

"I love you," she whispered, the feeling of it sending even more tingles throughout my whole body.

"I love you, too," I breathed back as I pressed my lips to her hair.

We stayed like that for quite a few minutes before I sighed.

"As much as I'd love to stay like this," I began as I unwillingly pulled away, "I'm afraid we have to go. The boys are expecting me home before eleven, but with Liam, eleven means nine-thirty."

Trinity giggled. "That doesn't even make sense."

"I know," I grimaced.

I took her hand and kissed it before pulling her to the passenger side. I opened the door for her, and she murmured a small "thanks" before getting in and sitting down. Before I could close the door, she stopped it with her hand and leaned out the car to give me another kiss.

"What was that for?" I asked, confused--but flattered.

She smiled. "Just because I love you."

I smiled back, but didn't answer as I closed the door. I saw her confused face and chuckled as I walked around to my seat.

Once I got in, I closed the door--but didn't put on my seat belt or start the car. Instead, I leaned over to Trinity and took her face in my hands.

"I love you, too," I breathed, my face centimeters from hers.

She blushed, but smiled. God, she was adorable.

I brushed my lips against hers, teasing her. I could almost hear her heart jumping erratically, like mine, and that made me smile even more.

I couldn't wait any longer--I captured her lips in a short but sweet kiss, just savoring her being here with me. It always had the same effect on me, but each kiss was different--the knots and butterflies were a constant, but each time we kissed, the flavor was different. Once, it was starburst-flavored . . . but it was just Orange Chew. She claims it's her favorite, and whenever she gets a new bag, she won't eat any of the other colors until all the orange ones are gone. And she doesn't share.

Tonight, her lips tasted like mashed potatoes and chicken gravy. What she had just a few minutes ago.

When we pulled away, I smiled and leaned back into my own seat and pulled my seat belt on. Once I was buckled in like she already was, I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

Taking her hand in mine, we made our way home.






they're just too cute omg :')

i have an all time low song stuck in my head...

oh and btw, the winner of the guessing games will always be announced in messages. if i ever find out how to send one LAWL only cuz i update like fifteen times a day but not for long cuz after today i won't have internet for god knows how long :'(

Love you, stay sexy, and check out Harry's haircut. HE ACTUALLY HAS EARS. OMG. xx

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