My Birthday Wish

Winter and Niall have been planning her birthday wish for a year all most but does it come true? Does he have to leave her alone on her birthday? Do they break up. What happens to Winter on the day of her birthday is for you to find out. If you keep wishing the same wish she did would you wish for it to come true as much as she did? Where does she want to go is Paris.


2. Safety

Winter's P.O.V


"What happened to you three?" Liam asked us. He looked really worried


"Well I saw a man with a camera and he was looking directly at us so I screamed camera and we ran to the car to get away before a paparazzi appeared" I told him


"Oh are you ok winter?" He asked me


"Yes I am Liam thank you for asking I'm going to go get some water." I said


"Bring me one" The 5 boys yelled at the same time.


"They all wanted water haha.


"Ok" I walked to the kitchen an opened the fridge. I could hear the boys talking in the other room. I got the 6 water bottles out the fridge and carried them back to them.


"Here you go". I gave all of them their waters. I opened mine and started to drink it.


"So how is your planning going for your party?" Liam asked


"Oh my gosh it's going great I can't wait till my birthday I'm so excited that I could die of happiness" I was super excited. ahhhhh


"Haha she's so cute when she's hyper" Liam said and it made me blush


"Everyone says i'm cute when i'm hyper hahah" I said shyly


"Well you are and you know it haha" Haryy said


"I need to leave soon to go to my photo shoot then my dance class so I can practice for the music video i'm doing." I didn't want to go, I wanted to just stay here and hang out with these idiots.

"Alright i'll take you there" Niall said


I thanked him and gave everyone a goodbye hug.


"Bye guys i'll be back tomorrow alright?" I said as I walked outside.


"Ok bye Winter have fun don't hurt your self" Harry shouted from the room.


"Hahaha i'll try not to". I really hope that won't happen.


Niall and I held hands and got into the car. We were sitting in silence as we always do when Niall is driving. We finally go to the photo shoot.


"Ok bye Niall i'll see you tomorrow." He kissed my lips.


"Have fun babe don't injure your self please." He said


"haha ok Niall I won't bye" I said


"bye" Niall drove off and I walked to my photo shoot.



Harry's P.O.V


I hope she doesn't injure herself she is so important to Niall. I remember last time she stopped breathing during her dance class. Niall broke down into tears because he thought she was gonna die and he would be heartbroken forever.

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