My Birthday Wish

Winter and Niall have been planning her birthday wish for a year all most but does it come true? Does he have to leave her alone on her birthday? Do they break up. What happens to Winter on the day of her birthday is for you to find out. If you keep wishing the same wish she did would you wish for it to come true as much as she did? Where does she want to go is Paris.


4. Rebecca

Winter's P.O.V


I saw Mackenzie walk up to Rebecca and yelled at her. I quickly got up limping my way over to them.


"Rebecca I don't want to sound mean but you have been pushing me around ever since I dated Niall! I always hid the fact your the one that did everything to me! You tripped me and I'm a sick of you treating me wrong! So please stop seriously!" I said in a calm but angry tone


Niall came towards me.


"Piggy back ride?" He said sweetly


"Ok thank you"


I hopped on nialls back and we walked out the door to the car. Harry Louis and zayn didn't come out yet. They was with Rebecca.




Harry's P.O.V


"Hey stop pushing her around please she did nothing to you!"


"Yeah stop she's a sweet girl her life was ruff before" zayn says


"I don't care if you hate her if she is dating the boy she loves but stop injuring her it scares us and Niall half to death!" Louis said


We turned around and walked to the door.


"Bye girls"



Winter's P.O.V


"I don't wanna go there.....why did you have to go there...... Please don't judge me......and I won't judge you.......Before it gets ugly......Before it gets beautiful" I said singing to my self but quietly


"Thank you guys so much for sticking up for me I love you guys"


"Your welcome why haven't you told us about this"


"I...I...I thought I could handle it my self well actually I thought she would stop sometime but she didn't I'm sorry"


"Babe it's alright don't worry about it now lets take you to the hospital" Niall said

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