My Birthday Wish

Winter and Niall have been planning her birthday wish for a year all most but does it come true? Does he have to leave her alone on her birthday? Do they break up. What happens to Winter on the day of her birthday is for you to find out. If you keep wishing the same wish she did would you wish for it to come true as much as she did? Where does she want to go is Paris.


3. Injury

Winter's P.O.V


"Hey Winter how's your relationship with Niall?" Mackenzie asks


"Oh it's great nothing changed I still love him as much as he loves me" I said sweetly


"Aww so sweet well come on time to change into our outfits for the photo shoot" 


I got up and walked with Mackenzie to the changing room. I had to change into white skinny jeans with black words all over the pants, grey uggs, and a cute sweater. I was representing Winter and fall.


I walked out the changing room and to the photo shoot room.


"Alright Mackenzie, Winter are you girls ready?" The photographer asks


"Yes we are." we both said


"Alright lets start"



Niall's P.O.V


"Guys listen to me please what if our tour is on Winter's birthday she will be heart broken" I said worried


"Listen if we just surprise her with something bigger then Paris if it happens" Harry said


"But she wanted it so bad"


"Niall we understand and I dought they put it on her birthday so let's just stop worrying" Liam says






Winter's P.O.V


"Great job guys that's it for now thank you" The photographer said


The photo shoot was over and now it was time for me to run to my dance classes.


"Ok i'll see you guys later bye" I said while running out the door.


Oh my gosh I may be late! I was running through the streets when there was a red light. Finally im here!


"Hey guys sorry i'm late I had a photo shoot"


"It's ok Winter we just started the warm up anyways" The coach said.





We all did are warm ups and headed to the dance moves we had to learn for the music video.

"Winter your solo go." I had to do a hip-hop dance move and I had to do a flip.


I did my flip perfectly fine thank god I didn't mess up because if I did I would injure my self. There's one girl in my class who hates me because dating Niall and she loves him. She was dancing next to me when she decided to trip me.


"Ow ow ow ow"


"WINTER oh my gosh are you alright" Everyone ran to my rescue except her.


"I think I sprained my ankle"


I got up and tried to stand I could but it hurt to much to be on my left foot.


"Someone call Niall for her" I sat down in the chair while Mackenzie was right next to me. Me and her are in the same dance class as well.




Niall's P.O.V


My phone was going off.




"Is she ok?"

"Ok I'm coming right now!"


"What's wrong Niall?" Liam asks


"Winter sprained her ankle"

"Oh my gosh that's bad I'm coming with you" Liam says

"Same here everyone else says"

We hopped in the car to go get Winter.



Winter's P.O.V


"He's on his way"

"I think you guys over reacted I'll be fine now your gonna make Niall worry"

"Hun your ankle is like swelling you should go home"


I turned my head to see Niall,Liam, Harry, zayn, and Louis walk in.

"Winter are you alright"

"I'm fine guys just sprained my ankle"

I turned my head and looked at Rebecca the girl who hated me.

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