My Birthday Wish

Winter and Niall have been planning her birthday wish for a year all most but does it come true? Does he have to leave her alone on her birthday? Do they break up. What happens to Winter on the day of her birthday is for you to find out. If you keep wishing the same wish she did would you wish for it to come true as much as she did? Where does she want to go is Paris.


5. Hospital

Winter's P.O.V


I woke up in the hospital?


How the I wasn't in a coma! What the hell.


"Your awake!" Niall says


"Yeah I am but did they give me some kind of medicine or something I can't remember anything but walking into the hospital!"I said worried


"Don't worry they just gave you laughing gas"


"Whaaaa D: why!" I said scaredly


"They had to give you some strong medicine"


"Oh what did I say when I was high?"


"You just kept talking in jiberush so I didn't understand you then you tried to jump out the window thinking you could fly!"


My eyes became all wide then I busted into laughter.


"Oh haha I'm sorry babe"


"It's ok thank god I was up, the boys fell asleep"


"Oh well where are they now?"


"Getting some food for you and me and them selves"


"Oh haha"


I just sat there on the bed and I saw Liam walk through the door then followed the other 3. Liam walked over to me and gave me some cake,juice,cookies,and nachos.


"Thank you how did you know I love all of this?"


"You told us last night when you was hyper" Liam said while smiling


"Oh haha thank you"


Silence came upon the room we was all eating. I crawled out of the bed still in my dance clothes I fell straight to the ground.


"Ow ow"


I fell right in front of Liam so he quickly put his stuff on the table and carried me back to the bed.


"Whaaa what I can't walk!"


"Oh yeah I forgot your legs should be very weak because of the medicine"Niall says


"Oh thanks so I'm just gonna sit here!" I said in a sad tone


"I'm sorry" Niall said sadly


"Oh no I didn't mean it like that"


I was just sitting there awkwardly being the only girl. I got a text from Danielle


"Hey I'm coming to visit you in the hospital <3"


Aww yay she's so sweet.


"Aww really when are you coming?"


I clicked send and wait about 2 minutes till she texted back.


"I'll be there in 10minutes"


Oh snap she is close.


"Ok :)"


I hit send and just sat there.


"Oh guys Danielle is coming to visit me ok?"


"Everyone said ok" even though Liam looked upset




Harry's P.O.V


I don't know if I can face the fact I love Winter. When she fell when she tried to walk killed me in the inside she's in pain! When I came to the dance studio and she was injured my heart raced rapidly. Maybe it's not love maybe a brother and sister feeling? Hopefully I can't like her or love her ever.

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