My Birthday Wish

Winter and Niall have been planning her birthday wish for a year all most but does it come true? Does he have to leave her alone on her birthday? Do they break up. What happens to Winter on the day of her birthday is for you to find out. If you keep wishing the same wish she did would you wish for it to come true as much as she did? Where does she want to go is Paris.


1. Camera's

Winter's P.O.V

"Niall I can't wait for my birthday!" I told Niall


"I know you can't it's going to be special" Niall chuckled 


"We've been planning it for a year i'm so happy" I had waited for a long time


"Haha your very cute when your hyper and happy" Niall said


"Aww thank you" I started to blush


Harry comes by.


"Hey Niall and his princess" Harry beamed.


"Haha Harry" I said


"Hey Harry" Niall said casually.


A small breeze blew by it's almost fall. The sky was beautiful and the air was nice and fresh.


"How's the party planning going?" Harry questioned.


"Oh it's great actually. I can't wait to go to Paris with Niall you don't know how happy I am. This birthday will be the best one yet!" I can't believe I was going to Paris.


"Isn't she just so cute when she is hyper haha" I heard Niall say


"Yeah she actually is" Harry laughs


Danielle and Liam broke up but Danielle is still my best friend and so is Eleanor I love them to death. Liam took it to the heart with the break up I felt bad for him.


"Oh by the way we get our tour dates next month ok?" Harry announced


"Alright Harry I guess it's time for me to spend as much time I can with Winter" Niall said while smiling at me


I turn my head to look at the beautiful flowers by the cafe. Is that a person and a....




"What?!? Where!" They started freaking out.


"Right ahead of us it's time to leave before more comes let's go" Niall quickly grabs my hand and I grab Harry's. We hopped into the car and drive off.



Harry's P.O.V


We were running and Winter grabbed my hand. Her hand was so soft and warm. I can't love her because she's Niall's princess. He is my best mate so I can't do that to him. I'll find my princess very soon.

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