Justin Bieber's Secret

He say's he loves me. He say's I'm his one and only but then why am i his secret?


1. The Big Secret

“I Love You” He whispered against my neck.

“I Love You too.”  I giggled and gently pushed him off trying to fix my hair and my skirt.

 I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my makeup smeared all over face, my forehead dripping with sweat and my hair all in a tangled mess.

I quickly fixed myself and put on my maid outfit and went downstairs cleaning the living room basically putting things in order until I heard the door open and footsteps approaching me.

 I ignored it and went back to work dusting off the lamp and the books.

“Your still here Marie?”

I heard someone say from behind me.

“Yes ma’am”

 I turned around and saw Selena Justin’s girlfriend and currently fiancée.

“Oh well, tell me when you’re done so I can drive you home! OK”

I nodded and pretended to go back to work.

When I heard the door shut I stopped and took a deep breath.

I can’t believe she almost caught us. It wasn’t the first time either. Justin and I need to be more careful next time.

I got my things and went to tell Selena I was ready to go but instead walked in on them arguing. I looked at Justin and saw his eyes were watery and ready to cry. Selena on the other hand was angry but managed to hide it in front of me.

 She smiled and told me to wait for her in the car. I was sitting in the car for an hour now literally. What were they doing up there? First I heard them fighting.

All you could hear was screaming and things breaking.

Now you couldn’t hear anything and Selena wasn’t here yet. It wasn’t normal of Selena to do that.

Finally after debating with myself I finally went upstairs to check. As I was approaching their bedroom I started to hear moans and huffing.

Tear after tear started to fall like a never ending waterfall.

 They were defiantly not fighting anymore. I thought Justin loved me. He said he would break up with her for me but of course he never did instead he proposed. That was the worst day in my life.

No matter where I went I saw their faces everywhere the news, T.V, and online.

They were on every magazine cover.

 I felt betrayed but I felt ashamed at the same time after all I am and forever will be Justin Bieber’s Secret.   

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