Justin Bieber's Secret

He say's he loves me. He say's I'm his one and only but then why am i his secret?


5. Be There In Five

I was walking to my car as fast as i could just to get away from that stupid hospital and to make things worst the paparazzi won't stop following me. They kept on shouting questions about Selena and Justin. 

I rolled my eyes and kept my head down the entire time while putting on my sunglasses. A little trick a learned from Justin.

Finally after what seemed like and eternity i made it to me car but just before i could get in one of the many paparazzi that were too close to me managed to hit me on the head. I could feel my head throbbing. 

"oh my god" I whispered.

"Move! Please excuse me!" I heard some one shout that voice sounded very familiar. I looked up and saw the paparazzi starting to clear. Then i saw someone in a long coat and glasses on walking towards my way. 

She stopped right in front of me and took off her glasses. Selena.


"Yes it's me why didn't you wait for me to pick you up!" She asked while looking at my head.

"What happened?" She asked putting her hand on my head examining it closer.

"Nothing!" I said to quickly you can tell i was lying. She noticed to but shook it off and just smiled at me.

"I didn't want u to pick me up because you were gonna be late for your interview" I told her.


"Nothing just that you suck at lying" She said smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at her but then smiled. She knew me to well.

"Yeah, i know... I guess I'll meet you at your house i have to catch up on the clean--" I said while getting in my car but got interrupted by Selena.

"Oh no no you don't have to clean till next week the doctor clearly said you can't do those things till your back to your regular healthy self" She said while putting her glasses on her head.

"Oh OK...well then i guess I'll head home bye Selena" 

"Wait i was wondering if you had plans this Friday?" She asked. I looked at her confused. What was she up to know?

"Uh no, why?"

"Great then i'll see you this Friday and wear something dressy" She said before walking away not even giving me the chance to say where? or if i was going.

I sighed and began to drive that is until i got a phone call from somebody. I picked it up without even looking at the collar ID.

"Hello?" I answered.


"Justin?" why was he calling me?

"Guess what?" He asked and from his tone of voice he was very happy.


"Selena's not here. You should come over babe"

I rolled my eyes . Should i go? I mean i did promise my self that i need to end this and maybe saying it over the phone isn't a good idea.

"Be there in five"


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