Justin Bieber's Secret

He say's he loves me. He say's I'm his one and only but then why am i his secret?


2. All is Wrong

"Marie!" I heard someone yell.

I stopped cleaning the piano and set the duster on the seat.

I walked to the source of the scream and found Justin standing over a big red puddle. It looked like punch was spilled on the floor.

"What?" I asked annoyed.

He looked at me confused but then changed it with a smile.

"Clean that up please?" He told me pointing to the big red puddle on the floor.

I sighed and went to the counter grabbing a couple of paper towels i turned around and started walking towards the puddle but got stopped by a tall figure standing in front of me.

I looked up and saw Justin.

"Move.." I said nicely as i could.

"What's wrong?" He said his hands slowly wrapping around my waist.

I looked down at them and quickly removed them.

"Nothing" I whispered.

I tried to push him away so i can clean up the mess but he grabbed my waist pulling me more into him. He began to kiss me leaving a trail of kisses down my neck.

I closed my eyes enjoying every little moment but then i realized what i was doing. I gently pushed him away and started to make my way to the puddle bending down cleaning every last drop.

"What's wrong Marie?" he asked me once more before i saw him walk towards me bending down to my level. He grabbed my hand stopping my hands in the process from cleaning the rest of the puddle

"Nothing" I said while moving away from him but both his hands grabbed my wrist in a very harsh way.

"Marie" He said more serious.

I looked up at him and in a flash he hugged me as if on instinct I wrapped my arms around his neck bringing his body closer to mine.

"Tell me" He whispered against my neck.

I sighed.

Should i tell him that i saw Selena and him having sex right after we had it. It bothered me a lot and i rather loose my job then him.

"I saw...."

I started then suddenly stopped in mid sentence. I loved him and i knew he loved me he's told me many times.

But was it a lie just to get me in bed?

"Yeah" He said nodding for me to continue. I sighed once more but continued.

"I.....umm....my mom forget to call me today" I told him. He looked at me for a minute with a questionable face but quickly covered it up with a smile.

"Well don't worry babe, she'll call"

He smiled and started to kiss me moving from my lips to my neck. I moaned totally forgetting that turns him on. He picked me up by my legs and set me on  the kitchen counter him between my legs. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He kissed me roughly but passionate.

He began to smile and slowly slither his tongue in my mouth. We kept on kissing each other and before i knew it was being lifted and being taken up stairs to Justin and Selena bedroom. He gently pushed me down and got on top of me being careful not to crush me from his weight.

I kissed him and began to tug on his shirt trying to take it off he smiled and took it off taking off mine in the process. We kissed more and he began to take off my pants quickly tossing them in the floor.

I smiled and put my hands in his abs slowly rubbing them up and down. He chuckled and began to take off his pants. I smiled but then remembered Selena. I frowned and gently pushed him off me getting up and getting my shirt. I heard him sigh and before i knew it i felt arms wrap around my waist pulling me towards his body.

Justin's body.

"Marie come on....what's wrong?"

He said brushing his lips on my neck. He kissed it and began to suck on it suddenly he stopped and went to my hair slowly whispering

"Don't worry Selena doesn't get here till five we have plenty of time, babe"

I looked at his hands and slowly unwrapped them moving away from him.

"I can't do this anymore Justin" I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair.

"You said you were gonna brake up with her!"

I yelled.

"I will" He whispered expanding his arms waiting for me to run into him and hug him.

"When!?" I screamed pacing back and forth.

"Soon, babe....soon" He said walking up to me wrapping his arms around my waist hugging me.

"I Love You, Marie only you....nobody else...you understand"

He bend down and kissed me. I kissed back and whispered an 'me too'.

We stood there a good minute just in each others arms enjoying the moment that is until we heard a high pitched confused voice coming from downstairs.

"Justin? Marie?"


Justin finally recognized the voice and let go of me heading downstairs to Selena.

I frowned and shook my head letting a tear fall i quickly wiped it away and headed downstairs.

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