Round the Corner

"Everything is perfect the way it is. Why do you want to change that?" He whispered to me as his strong arms found their place around my shoulders. "I don't want anything to change Harry," I whisper back intertwining my fingers with his. But everything has already changed. And there's nothing I can do about it.

This is a story centered around Harry Styles from One Direction.


7. Rule Breaker


“Madeline! Wait!” I hear from behind.

Turning I see Harry running out toward me, getting soaked in the process. “Harry? What are you doing? You’re getting soaked!”

He grinned. “So are you. Come on, I can’t let you walk home in this.” I nod running back to his flat and reviling when the rain was no longer hitting me.

Harry shuts the door behind us, walking over to some sort of closet and pulling out two towels. He hands me one, a huge white fluffy towel that felt like heaven on my fingertips. Shivering I dry off as best I could, not wanting to get his carpet wet.

“You’ll catch your death in those clothes. Come on I’ll lend you some of mine and we’ll get those dry.” I nod, too cold to argue. He leads me up the stairs to what I assume is his bedroom-all white carpet and grey walls and huge bed and books. So many books.

“You’ll probably drown in them, but they’re the smallest things I own. The bathroom is to your left, if you want to change there.” I nod my teeth staring to chatter and I quickly move to the bathroom and shut the door. 

Shedding off my drenched clothes, I put on the clothes Harry had given me. The blue sweatpants were about seven inches too long, but I fixed that by rolling them up and tying the drawstring as tight as it could. The blue flannel shirt was just a tad bit too big to be considered fitting, but it was warm and covered everything.

I looked in the mirror, seeing that my beanie was soaked and my dark hair-which I had straightened earlier- had gone wavy, the streaks of dark strawberry blonde I had curled slightly at the ends.  But I didn’t look like the drowned rat I had assumed I had looked before.

Thank God I held off on the eyeliner this morning.

Stepping out of the bathroom, I saw no one in the room. Harry must have gone back down stairs. I found him in the living room, a fire going and two mugs on the table in front of him. I cleared my throat and he turned to me, a bright smile on his face.

Oh my God. He has curls? What! No! This world was cruel… cruel and cynical.

“Here let me put those in the dryer.” I hand him my wad of clothes, and watch till he steps around the corner.

Green eyes, dimples, those collarbones AND curly brown locks? I’m gonna have to lock down here. Set ground rules for this rainy day situation. There will be no touching, or blushing and definitely no flirting Madeline Carter!

I stand awkwardly near the fire until Harry comes back, plopping down on the couch and ordering me to make myself comfortable. The mugs were filled with hot tea, he handed one to me warning me to be careful not to burn myself.

I reassured him that I would only be there until the rain stopped, wary that I might be intruding on some sort of special celebrity time of his. “Do not worry, this is as exciting as my day will probably get.” He laughs, making the atmosphere a gazillion times lighter.

Leaning back into the soft cushions of his couch, cradling the mug in my palms we struck up a conversation. I told him where I grew up -Yorkshire- how old I was -19- and where I was currently living now which was on the outskirts of London. The whole thing was delightful, continuing on in an almost dreamlike state.

He told me cute little stories about him and his band mates. There was one involving a midnight excursion and a closed Nandos that had me roaring with laughter, it even caused me to fall off the couch and onto the cottony floor below. Harry joined me, bringing pillows and blankets with him.

We didn’t move back to the couch, it was more comfortable down here anyway.

The way his face would scrunch up, his eyes crinkling at the edges his teeth showing completely as he cracked up with laughter was so carefree and glorious, it made the butterflies in my chest flutter. 

Situating myself closer to the fire, I felt the silky material of a blanket wrap around my shoulders. I turned just in time to see Harry smile shyly before he retreated back to leaning against the couch. By then I had broken every single one of the ground rules I had set earlier. But as I watch him tell me stories and ridiculously cheesy jokes, I couldn't have cared less. He was extremely sweet and caring, not conceited or douchey like I assumed all celebrities of his caliber were like.  

We talked some more, quietly and about nothing important. I truly could not remember the last time I had this much fun. It was amazing just being able to laugh freely with someone who couldn’t judge me.

Someone who chose not to judge me. 

Before I knew it the warm fire and cozy blankets had my eyes drooping with slumber.

I remember laying my head on something warm and breathing in the sweet smell of sandalwood before I closed my eyes and started to dream. 


So I really enjoyed writing this chapter. :) Its my favorite of all I've written so far (but not my favorite scene in the entire planned out story :) Haha So I'm thinking that the next chapter will be a Harry's POV... What do you think about that

P.S. If you want to know what I picture Maddie looking like just ask and I'll direct you to a picture of her on my Pinterest :)

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