Round the Corner

"Everything is perfect the way it is. Why do you want to change that?" He whispered to me as his strong arms found their place around my shoulders. "I don't want anything to change Harry," I whisper back intertwining my fingers with his. But everything has already changed. And there's nothing I can do about it.

This is a story centered around Harry Styles from One Direction.


6. I Would've Stayed


Chapter 6 :) Enjoy babes!


I close my eyes and whisper, “I don’t even know your last name.”

“What?” I could hear the confusion etched in his voice as clearly as I could feel his breath on my face.

Uncoiling my fingers from his t-shirt I jump back and away from Harry and the gravitational pull. “I don’t even know your last name,” I repeat trying to keep from hyperventilating.

What the hell was wrong with me? I barely kissed my last boyfriend at all, let alone the hour I met him! My jumbled gaze met Harry’s bright green fully framed eyes.

“Do you want to?” His lips moved, sound fell out but for the life of me I could not comprehend the words he formed.

Right now I’m surprised you remember how to breathe, let alone think. “What?”

“My last name. Do you want to know my last name?” Everything on his face breathed serious. His eyebrows knitted, those perfect bow lips in a straight line- hiding their beauty.

“Yes,” I breathed.

“Are you sure?” He insisted.

“Why are you hesitant? It’s just your last name.” What’s in a name…

He muttered a short bitter laugh rolling his eyes toward the sky and leaned his head on the wall. “You have no idea, Madeline.” He breathes in deeply through his nose, straightening up to full height, and looked me straight in the eye. “My last name is Styles. And the reason I pulled you away from the mob of girls up the street is because they are all looking for me. And if they were to have seen me with you… I can’t even imagine what they would have done.”

I squint my eyes at him, not sure if he was lying or not. “That seems a little conceited don’t you think? I mean why would that huge group of girls be out here just for you?” He smiled, his thumb coming up to rub the apple of my cheek lightly. “You really don’t know who I am?”

I shake my head dumbly. How am I supposed to think with him touching me like that?

He muttered something under his breath, but I couldn’t hear what he said. His hand drops down to his leg, leaving what felt like a burning finger print on my cheek. “Have you ever heard of the band ‘One Direction’?” He asked.

Whoa that went down a completely different path than I expected. I stared at him as I tried to fix the mental whiplash going on in my head. “That boy band that won the Brit this past year? Please enlighten me on how they even remotely coincide with this situation.”

“I’m in that band.” He stated simply.

“In One Direction? You’re a member of One Direction?” I repeated unbelieving.

Let’s think about this though. There is currently a mob of teenage girls standing in front of Harry’s “supposed” flat. Being a part of One Direction could do that. It would also explain what happened at the alley the day you met him.

“Well, that would explain the crazed girls at the alley before.” I whispered to myself. Great, I’ve stumbled upon a celebrity and didn’t even realize it.

Harry was staring at me, his jaw locked and lips straight. “You’re really a part of that band?” He nodded. “And all those girls are here to see you?” He nodded again.

I stayed silent for a while, just wrapping my brain around the fact that Harry was famous.

He’s famous. A bloody superstar with girls throwing themselves at his feet with the mere show of a dimple. Well maybe I could relate to that… But he doesn’t even act like someone in the spotlight. There’s no way I’m going to be able to deal with this right now. My brain is beyond frazzled and needs a good night sleep to perform properly.

Sighing, I lean against the brick wall and slide down to the ground my head lying on my knees. “This day has been… something… more. Everything. This day has been everything.” I mutter half to myself, half to the now sitting Harry.

I rested my cheek on the tops of my knees, inclining myself to look at Harry through a net of hair. He looked so sad. His face covered by his extremely long hands, shoulders slumped, his chest rising rapidly with each breath. A powerful need to touch him, in any way possible, completely overtook me. I reached out a shaky hand, gingerly placing it on his knee.

His piercing green eyes stared into mine, making it hard to breathe for the second time that day. “What’s the plan?” I ask him, absolutely loving the gigantic smile he gives me in return.

“Well, I have a back door we can go through. Only problem is I don’t have the key for it.”

“That’s the only problem?” He nods. A lock is the only problem? This is going to be fun.

I jump back onto my feet, brushing the grime of London off the back of my pants. “Well, come on then, you have to show me where your backdoor is.”

A huge smirk shows up on his face as he stands and I shake my head at him. “Cheeky boy, just lead on.”

He chuckles but takes the lead down the street as I follow closely behind. A couple of twists and turns later he stops at a red door. “My backdoor,” he pronounces with a wide sweep of his arm.

“Stand back and be amazed Mr. Styles.” I reply rolling my eyes as I pull a bobby pin from the place where it kept the dark blue beanie on the back of head. I also reach into the small crossover bag and pray I kept the nail file I used last week in there when I had locked myself out of my own apartment.

Rummaging through the amazing amount of crap I had for such a small bag, my fingers run over the smooth sharp end of the simple tin tool. Leaning in on one knee I insert both the bobby pin and the nail file into the lock, jiggling it around until I heard a defining click.

“And we’re in,” I declare turning the knob and pushing the door open.

Harry stood there for a moment, jaw agape, eyes wide before he walked up and past me into his house. “I don’t know if I should be scared or impressed with that.”  

“Oh, impressed definitely. Not many girls will own up to knowing how to pick a lock. You’re just lucky I one of the few that will.” I step through the threshold, closing the red door behind me, then holding my weight against it.

His flat was spectacular. High ceilings, and cherry wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, paintings, pictures, electronics. Everything you could have ever wanted in a house was here. I roamed around the bottom floor slowly taking everything in. It was amazing.

If I didn’t believe he was famous before, I definitely do now. Harry comes leaping down the stairs, landing right in front of me. “Here you go, safe and in one piece.” He hands me my IPhone with my vintage camera cover and I cradle it to my chest.

“Oh I missed you so much!” I overplay, kissing it for effect. We laugh then stand there awkwardly.

Now what? Do I really have to walk all the way home now? Just walk away from this charming mysterious boy who intrigued me to no end? I don’t want to but… what else is there? “Well, I guess I’ll head back home now?” It came out more of a question as I looked at the cheery wood flooring once again.

“Yeah, I guess so.” His voice was quiet, a distressed undertone ringing out.

Did he want me to leave? Did he want me to stay? Do I want to stay? Would I stay?

As he opens the door for me, as I looked into those green eyes I realized I would have stayed. I would have definitely stayed.

The sidewalk seemed stranger, the air unfriendly as I started down back the way I had come.

Then the rain came. Rain wasn’t unusual in London; in fact it was a frequent visitor. But this wasn’t the wimpy ass rain that usually accompanies this time of day.

It was sheets of fat icy raindrops that seemed to attack every part of me; seeping into the very crevices I had deliberately covered just in case.

“Madeline! Wait!” 


Yeah I know another cliffhanger... but I gotta keep you guys interested somehow! :) So this chapter and the next chapter were originally written together but it made more sense to split them up into two. :) If you tell me what you think I'll update quicker! :)  

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