The Day We Met

This is a story of a teen telling the story of the first person she has ever loved, and of how they met.


3. The Sand

I hopped out of the car and opened the trunk. There i got my bag and waited for the rest of them to get their things. We quickly walked on over to the spot next to the rocks. I layed out the blanket, but it kept flying away I chased after it and couldn't get it later i noticed niall right behind me he asked me if I needed help I said out of breath "yes ...please". I went back to our spot and saw that harry and shantalle had gathered some large rocks to place on the corners of the blankets. Niall came back quickly with the blanket, he also was very exhausted. We all layed the blanket on the floor and quickly placed all the rocks on the corners. Shantalle and harry went for a walk along the water just to leave me and niall alone. Well want to make a sand castle? I asked niall. He said " you read my mind" We went more closer to the water to start our little sand castle. It felt as if i was a kid meeting him for the first time.

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