The Day We Met

This is a story of a teen telling the story of the first person she has ever loved, and of how they met.


2. The Beach

I pulled up to shantalle's drive way after fourty-five minutes. There she was standing in her purple and black heart bikini. Standing tall and confident. It's the most confident i've ever seen her since we last talked through facetime. But what i wasn't expecting was that she was ingaged, and to Harry Styles. The singer from One Direction! I was very surprised and had many many questions to ask. The first thing my big mouth blurted out was "HARRY STYLES I LOVE YOU." Of course he got scared cause even an old lady passing by yelled "would you quiet down people are trying to SLEEP ." I calmed my self but of course there was a catche Niall came out of the house and I didn't say anything. Anything at all. I later said " h...h..hi." Then shantalle stated " SURPRISE." She said that she had flew him here so we can meet. Later while on the way to the beach I wispered to her silently "thank you".


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