The Day We Met

This is a story of a teen telling the story of the first person she has ever loved, and of how they met.


4. Our Hands

When I reached for the shovel it happend. Our hands had finally touched. They had encountered with each other. In that moment I could tell we were ment to be. He leaned in for the moment of truth. I closed my eyes and puckered up for the best kiss ever! When our lips met I could feel the sparks flying it was the most magical thing I had ever felt. I leaned back only to find that shantalle and harry were watching the whole time. I was very embarassed. Niall was blushing and smiling, he had the cutest smile I had ever seen. I knew what question he was about to ask just as his lipps moved. He opend his mouth and asked " yasmine will you be my girlfriend". I answered yes niall I will.

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