The Day We Met

This is a story of a teen telling the story of the first person she has ever loved, and of how they met.


10. BANG!

We took the puppy and got some supplies for the little one. We drove home only to find our front door open. In panic Niall ran out of the car and through the front doors. 5minutes had passed and I was getting worried I opened the door and grabbed the pup, I slowly walked to the door only to see Niall laying on the floor. I screamed and fell to the floor in tears. Niall had been shot but it was only in the leg. He was out cold and I hurried to the phone, I called an ambulance and in less than ten minutes it arrived. They brought out the stretcher and hauled Niall away in the ambulance. I went inside and called Shantalle. She quickly came over with Harry and drove me to the hospital. I couldn't stop balling the thought of my newly fiancé dying was terrible. I was sitting in the back with Harry stroking my hair. He knew what pain I was going through and that I needed comforting. We arrived to the Hospital only to find paparazzi crowding the entrance. we hurried past the paparazzi and to the front desk. "we're here to see Niall Horan from One Direction", shantalle exclaimed to the front desk lady. She gave up passes and we hurried to the room my Nialler was in. The nurse told us we had 2 hours till we had to leave. I entered first and started crying right away at the sight of Niall's poor face.

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