Paloma Trinket


1. Prologue

A woman with a big tweed coat on walked through the gardens of East Leread Manor. The rain was pouring and it was really windy. The woman carried with her a basket, with a doll-like figure  who was wrapped in a pink blanket started to cry as she woke up from a nap. The woman put the basket down at the door and rang the doorbell, then retreating to hide behind a oak tree.

The front door creaked open and a butler looked around, then looked below him. A beautiful baby girl was looking back at him.

"Leroy, who is it?" Said a lady who had a very posh accent. The voice came from one of the many living rooms in East Leread Manor.

The living room door opened and Leroy came in with the basket. The baby started to cry. The lady picked her up and rocked her back and forth.

"I opened the door and found her there, Lady Trinket" Said Leroy. The baby quietened down and fell asleep in Madam Faith's arms.

"I'm sure we can give her a home here!" Lady Trinket was a woman in her 30s and her and her husband were the Lord and Lady of Leread. They owned two castles in the area and they were both situated in the countryside.

Lord Trinket walked into the living room. Leroy told him what had happened.

"I am more than happy to give her a home" He said. "Does she have a name?"

"We're not sure" Leroy said

"Well, my great grandmother's name was Paloma, and I think that's a beautiful name"

For the rest of the evening, Lord and Lady Trinket organised everything for little Paloma Trinket. Mabye she'll follow in her foster dad's footsteps; the very unknown that he is actually working for MI6.


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