A Chance to Shine

"You get one chance to shine" the voice echoes inside her mind. 13 year old Sabitha goes on M-factor for a dare but when she performs her talent is revealed will she show the world who she really is. For the M-factor competition.


5. The Finals


I walked on to the stage into the eyes of millions, today it seemed bigger then before.

"Hi Sabitha is there anything you'd like to say before you start performing" Simon asked.

"Thank you to everyone for being there for me, it is too my mother had died and when I was grief stricken there was someone who was there for me,Charlie. He has been there for me and I want to thank him with all my heart, I'm so happy he's there for me. I wouldn't be here with my Mom or Charlie and I want to tell them I love them a lot. This experience has been life changing and made me feel safe. Found friends(look at Charlie) found hope. Thank you. This is for Charlie" I exclaimed. A woman from the audience started crying she kept dabbing the tears from her face with a handkerchief.

"Good Luck" the judges shouted.

"When I felt that life was bad,

you were there by my side.

When I felt hope was gone,

you comforted me till my soul was strong.

And Today I like to say thank you for being there.

My friend you are the reason I'm strong" I sang while playing the guitar.

When I finished performing everyone let out a loud roar of cheer.

"Thank you everyone I hope you vote for me or at least Charlie he deserves this more than I do" I mumble. I walk out of the stage into the arms of Charlie.

"You were brilliant" Charlie whispered embracing me.

"Thank you Charlie" I reply hugging him.

"Also you found out that you were meant to be here on this stage, it's where you belong" Charlie exclaimed.

"All thank's to you my angel you, should win" I mumble.

"Now it all is in the people's votes" Charlie remarked. 

I closed my eyes and saw my mother face smiling at me, telling me that I had done well. I smiled and knew I had made my mother proud and that wherever she was, she was looking at me smiling. I let a tear drop my face and I hugged Charlie strongly to the future and happiness.

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