A Chance to Shine

"You get one chance to shine" the voice echoes inside her mind. 13 year old Sabitha goes on M-factor for a dare but when she performs her talent is revealed will she show the world who she really is. For the M-factor competition.


2. The boy with the voice

I sat there scribbling away notes for my new song when I hear someone singing. I pick up my notebook and walk to wear I think I heard someone. I stand outside the door and listen to a guy singing the voice sounds lost but sweet. I open the door to see a young boy maybe a few years older than me singing.

"Was that you" I exclaimed taking a look at the boy he had brown hair and eyes that could melt a warm honey colour he wore a pair of jeans and a check-red shirt nothing really making him look different.

"What" he shouts annoyed probably he hated that I was listening to him.

"Was that you that was singing" I asked.

"Yes that was me" he answered.

"That was really good are you on the M- Factor" I asked.

"Yes I am I'm Charlie" the boy mumbles.

"I'm Sabitha I'm on it too your really good you know" I exclaim.

"Your Sabitha, you sang brilliantly I couldn't believe your only 13 most girl's would never dare to come" Charlie whispers.

"I came on here for my mother, she has cancer she's going to die in a few months then I'll be an orphan and I want to make my mother proud" I reply.

"I'm so sorry" Charlie exclaims looking concerned.

"It's ok I guess it's just being here makes a big difference to me and I don't want to blow it up I don't want to be that girl who went to M-Factor and lost I want to be that girl who went and won for her mother, the girl who did something for love" I whisper.

"I know how you feel I came here to be famous I didn't have a certain goal why I should be here and what's going to happened if I win, I guess if someone should win it should be you" Charlie remarked.

"You should win too because your like a person who has a heart big enough to see who I am and supporting me, I hope you win" I agreed.

"No, I will win" a blonde haired boy" shouted. 

"Friends" we chorused.

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